Vacuum distillation vacuum pump

What is vacuum distillation

Vacuum distillation is used to reduce the pressure above the liquid to below its vapor pressure. This allows the most volatile liquids to be selectively evaporated and distilled. This is particularly useful if the temperature required for a fluid to boil at atmospheric pressure is high enough to destroy sensitive molecules by polymerization or pyrolysis.

In many processes, precise control of vacuum pressure is essential because distilled mixtures may contain several liquids with boiling points close to each other. Precise control of vacuum can make distillation process more selective.

Many vacuum regulators simply fail to provide the accuracy required for selective distillation of fluids with boiling points close to each other. Those sufficiently sensitive regulators are so fragile that they cannot withstand corrosive chemicals or high temperatures that vacuum distillation plants often encounter. Precision vacuum regulator can solve the problem of accuracy and durability in a complete package.

Where is the vacuum used in the distillation process?

Vacuum distillation is an important process in pharmaceutical and chemical industries and has been applied in many other fields, including beverage and food production. Another example is crude oil refining: crude oil contains heavy and light hydrocarbons with different boiling points, requiring two distillation processes. After atmospheric distillation, a second distillation is carried out in vacuum to separate heavy hydrocarbons at lower temperatures, thus minimizing the generation of thermal cracking and unwanted by-products.

Our extensive vapor-compatible, corrosion-free vacuum equipment is well suited for distillation processes. We offer ATEX models for flammable vapors, gases and liquids.

Which vacuum pump product series is particularly suitable for vacuum distillation process?


Screw vacuum pumps are ideal for distillation applications because they can produce high vacuum in one stage. Because these pumps operate without working fluid, they can extract medium in the form of steam without pollution. Therefore, the medium can be reused after condensation. Provide a variety of sizes and models, including explosion-proof version (ATEX).


The liquid ring vacuum pump is a very strong vacuum generator and has been used in many distillation processes. They can provide a variety of series, sizes and material choices for specific applications.


Rotary vane vacuum pump has been used in distillation process for more than 50 years. These two-stage vacuum pumps have simple but proven designs and are lubricated with new oils. Workflow is supplied to the compression chamber in minimum quantity. Process compatible fluids can be used.

Through the above analysis, screw vacuum pump, liquid ring vacuum pump and rotary vane vacuum pump are suitable for vacuum distillation vacuum pump in distillation process.

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