Special blower for feeding machine

The special blower for the feeder has a conservative design in the high pressure range, and it can still operate safely when it changes in the use situation.

Detailed introduction

The high-pressure blower for feeding machine is made by adopting the exclusive technology of Siemens motor in Germany. The company is engaged in the research and development, design and manufacture of the blower — constantly optimizing the aerodynamic characteristics of the blower products. The high pressure blower has become a classic work of technological innovation. The double impeller high pressure blower is a powerful propeller to improve productivity and has a broad market prospect.

Special blower for feeding machine

Special blower for feeding machine of erformance

(1) With two functions of blowing and sucking, one machine can be used for both suction and blow;
(2) With little or no oil, the output air is clean;
(3) The feeding blower is divided into: Pneumatic conveying, pipe conveying;
(4) The shell is die-cast and shock-proof mounting foot pedestal is used, so it has very low requirements on the installation foundation. It can even operate normally without fixed foot pedestal, which is very convenient and saves installation cost and installation cycle.
(5) The centrifugal force blade adopts two front tilting multi-blade, the mould is formed in one time, the computer has high quality dynamic balance, low vibration, stable wind, low noise, and can withstand certain friction impact force, long service life.
(6) The internal side suction mouth of the drainage side plate, in conjunction with the air blade, can generate a large negative pressure suction force, making the self-suction feeding more stable.

Special blower for feeding machine

Special blower for feeding machine features:

High efficiency and low energy consumption (the two-stage high pressure vortex blower has a conservative design in the high pressure range, and it can still operate safely when it changes in the use situation);
Easy to install (can be installed in any horizontal or vertical direction);
High reliability (except impeller, the high pressure vortex blower has no other moving parts, almost no maintenance);
Low vibration (the two-stage high pressure vortex blower has high mechanical precision, and the rotating parts have undergone extremely precise balance design, testing and correction, and the vibration rate is very low);
Low noise (direct drive of low noise motor, all equipped with built-in noise eliminator to reduce operating noise);
Strong structure (the wind surface is made of aluminum alloy and milling alloy, which is different from the ordinary blower with aluminum or iron shell, and is more durable);
Scope of application (two-stage high pressure vortex blower with multiple specifications, divided into high pressure and large air volume series, can be flexibly selected);
Highest quality (many years of manufacturing experience, with strict quality control, so that all parts of the two-stage high pressure vortex blower can reach the highest quality);
No oil, no pollution, calm as water.

Power: 0.2kW 0.4KW 0.75KW 1.1KW 1.5KW 2.4KW 3.5kW 45.5kW 11KW 12.5kW 15KW 18.5kW 20KW 25KW
Air pressure: 50mbar~650mbar Air volume: 40 cubic meters/hour ~2050 cubic meters/hour (for the convenience of different specifications, single-stage type/double-stage type are available)
Frequency: 50 hz / 60 hz
Voltage: 110V~615V (universal voltage, all countries can use. If special voltage is needed, it can be customized as required.)
Pressure relief valve RV-01 RV-02 (supporting use)
The filter MF8 MF10 MF12 MF16 MF-20 MF-32

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