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At present, there are more than 100 vacuum pump equipment manufacturers in China, and there are many foreign countries. How to choose a suitable supplier for such a large number of brands?

EVP vacuum pump manufacturers specialize in vacuum pump manufacturing and vacuum system development services for 23 years. EVP is committed to providing high quality, high efficiency, high stability vacuum products and vacuum solutions to customers in the global vacuum field. With the world’s leading vacuum technology, rich application field experience and thoughtful sales, sales, after-sales service to meet the needs of customers in various industries.

EVP is an Iraqi vacuum pump supplier, and with the help of our skilled engineers and technicians, we are able to offer the highest quality vacuum pump range.

Iraq vacuum pump supplier vacuum pump industry classification:

The classification is based on the specific classification according to the vacuum method. 1. The gas transmission pump is a vacuum pump that can continuously inhale and discharge the gas to achieve the purpose of pumping. Including: liquid ring vacuum pump (water ring vacuum pump), reciprocating vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump, fixed film vacuum pump, slide valve vacuum pump, trochoidal vacuum pump, dry vacuum pump, Roots vacuum pump, molecular vacuum pump, traction molecular pump, Water jet vacuum pump, gas jet pump, steam jet pump, diffusion pump, and the like.

2. Gas trapping pump: It is a vacuum pump that allows gas molecules to be adsorbed or condensed on the inner surface of the pump, thereby reducing the number of gas molecules in the container and achieving the purpose of pumping. Including: adsorption pumps and cryopumps.


Vacuum pumps are classified by purpose:

1. Main pump: a vacuum pump used to obtain the required degree of vacuum in a vacuum system;

2. Rough pump: a vacuum pump that starts to reduce the pressure of the system from atmospheric pressure to another pumping system;

3. Foreline pump: A vacuum pump used to maintain the pre-stage pressure of another pump below its critical pre-stage pressure;

4. Maintaining the pump: In the vacuum system, when the amount of gas is small, the main foreline pump cannot be effectively utilized. At this time, an auxiliary fore pump of a smaller capacity can be utilized to maintain the main pump to operate or maintain the required vacuum of the container;

5. Crude/low vacuum pump: a vacuum pump that starts from atmospheric pressure and is used to obtain a low vacuum;

6. High vacuum pump: vacuum pump working in high vacuum range;

7. Ultra-high vacuum pump: vacuum pump working in ultra-high vacuum range;

8. Booster vacuum pump: A vacuum pump installed between a low vacuum and a high vacuum pump to increase system efficiency or reduce the capacity of the foreline pump.

Vacuum pump application:

Sugar production
Degassing seawater
Hydraulic extraction

We supply vacuum pumps to our customers and produce them according to industry standards. Customers can use different sizes and models of vacuum pumps according to specific requirements. Our precision engineered vacuum pumps are designed to provide enhanced performance.

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