2XZ double stage vacuum pump

The working performance of 2XZ double stage vacuum pump with is composed of high-pressure stage and low-pressure stage. Its suction port is connected with vacuum container or vacuum equipment. During operation, a large amount of gas in the container will be inhaled and discharged. When the equipment obtains vacuum, the high-pressure stage exhaust valve plate will be closed, and the gas inhaled by high-pressure stage will be transferred to the second stage, and inhaled and discharged through the second stage, so that the vacuum equipment can obtain A certain vacuum. The technical parameters of the pump are 6 × 10-2Pa. According to the user’s use, it can be equipped with a vacuum booster pump, which can be used as a front-end pump. Because the pumping force of the booster pump is strengthened, the front-end pump can be continuously pumped out, which can make your equipment obtain a higher vacuum

2XZ double stage vacuum pump with is not suitable for pumping gas with high oxygen content, explosive, corrosive and dusty. If it must work in this situation, corresponding measures such as explosion-proof, anti-corrosion and dust-proof shall be taken.

The new pump or repaired pump shall be subject to air extraction test separately and recorded for future maintenance reference.

Connect the cooling water, start the pump intermittently (but not too many times, otherwise the motor will be burnt out), make the pump rotate slowly, and operate it formally after the oil in the pump cavity is discharged.

When the condensable gas is removed, the gas ballast valve shall be opened to avoid the influence of steam condensation on the performance of the pump. When the condensable natural gas has been removed, the gas ballast valve shall be closed in time.

Attention should be paid to the sound during the operation of the pump. Depending on whether the motor load is correct or not, only the strong and micro valve opening and closing sound is allowed under normal condition.

Before stopping, close the valve on the suction port of the pump to disconnect the pump from the vacuum system, and then stop the cooling water.

When the water-cooled pump is not working, if the air temperature is not enough 5 ℃, the cooling water in the pump must be discharged to avoid frost crack.


2XZ double stage vacuum pump Maintenance:

During normal maintenance, the vacuum pump and its surrounding environment should be kept clean. If some oil spills, which causes the oil level to decrease and affects the performance of the pump, it can be added in time. The new pump works for 100-150 hours and changes oil once, which can be determined according to the specific situation later. The oil change operation is “first drain the old oil, then put a small amount of new oil into the exhaust port to wash the pump cavity, then start the pump, and then drain it after a few minutes. If the discharged oil is not clean, put in new oil again until the oil discharged from the pump is clean.

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