Rotary vane vacuum pump in pasta factory

A rotary plate vacuum pump is used in a pasta factory

With an average daily consumption of about 40 million packages of pasta around the world, the use of reliable and stable vacuum equipment and oil-free machinery is an important guarantee for manufacturers to provide customers with consistently high quality products. Pasta packaging operation requires two key components: a rotary vacuum pump and an oil-free air compressor. Spaghetti is the Italian word for paste. It refers to a dough made from flour, water or eggs. While many people believe that the best pasta is fresh, respected Italian chefs and home cooks agree that pasta or dried pasta is just as good. That’s why pasta is so popular. What are the rotary vacuum pumps used in making pasta?

Rotary vane vacuum pump

Rotary vane vacuum pump in pasta factory

Rotary vane vacuum pump is a mechanical vacuum pump for oil seal. Its working pressure range is 101325~1.33×10-2 (Pa), belonging to the low vacuum pump. Can be used alone or as a front stage pump. Widely used in metallurgy, machinery, electronics, chemical, light industry, petroleum and other production and research departments. Rotary vacuum pump is not suitable for removing gases with excessive oxygen content, explosive, corrosive and dusty. If it is necessary to work in this situation, appropriate measures should be taken, such as explosion protection, corrosion prevention and dust prevention.
Pasta making process using rotary vacuum pump:

1. Processing raw materials

2. Make the dough

3, extrusion molding

4. Dry treatment

5, the cutting

6. Packaging

7. Quality inspection

In addition to extracting oxygen from packaging, the rotary vacuum pump can also dry pasta to extend its shelf life and improve its color and smell. Vacuum pumps are used to vacuum the entire production facility. Oil-free compressed air powers power transmission, cleaning equipment, pressure vessels and transportation products. The oil-free air compressor used is capable of producing zero-stage oil-free compressed air, ensuring that no oil comes into contact with the final product and causes quality problems.

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