How to choose chemical pump

Sealing problem

1. For static seal, there are only two types of seal: gasket and seal ring, and seal ring is widely used. For dynamic seal chemical pump, packing seal is rarely used. Mechanical seal is the main mechanical seal, and there are single end face and double end face. Balanced type and unbalanced type are divided into thin type, which are suitable for high-pressure media. Generally, double end face seal with pressure greater than 1.0MPa is mainly used for high temperature The pressure of isolating liquid injected into the sealing cavity of the double end mechanical seal of the medium which is easy to crystallize, has viscosity, contains particles and toxic volatilization is generally 0.07-0.1mpa higher than the medium pressure

2. Sealing material: the material of chemical pump static seal is generally fluororubber, which is only used in special cases. The material configuration of mechanical seal dynamic and static ring is more critical. It is not hard alloy that has the best price for hard alloy. On the one hand, there is no hardness difference between them and it is not reasonable, so it is better to treat them differently according to the characteristics of medium

3. The viscosity of the viscosity problem medium has a great influence on the performance of the pump. When the viscosity increases, the head curve of the pump will decrease. The head and flow of the best working condition will decrease, while the power will increase, so the efficiency will decrease. Generally, the parameter hail on the sample is the performance of conveying clear water. When conveying viscous medium, the correction coefficient of different viscosity should be converted. Please refer to the relevant conversion chart. It is recommended to select screw pump rotor pump for the transportation of pulp, paste and viscous liquid with high viscosity. Petroleum and chemical industry occupy a very important position in the national economy.

As a key supporting equipment, chemical process pump is also more and more concerned by people. Due to the complex characteristics of chemical media and the increasing requirements for environmental protection and equipment energy consumption, as a chemical manufacturer, Sanchang pump industry, what should we pay attention to when selecting chemical pumps And so on is particularly important. Now combined with the characteristics of most chemical companies’ related products, this paper makes a brief comment on the selection of commonly used chemical pumps, hoping to be beneficial for customers to better carry out their work in this field.

How to choose chemical pump?

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