Blower for PCB manufacturing

What is the use of blower in PCB manufacturing

The circuit board can be said to be a device equivalent to the existence of the brain, the instructions sent out must come through it to achieve, such as our TV remote control, mobile phone motherboard, air conditioning and so on.

In the production process of circuit board, it is more advanced and efficient production line work out, the automation program is very high, in many circuit board production process, can not do without the existence of blower.

So our small series, for example, what role does the blower play in the process of circuit board production? What would it have been like without it?

Blower for PCB manufacturing

There are two main functions of blower in PCB manufacturing

1、 Use of blower
In the production process of circuit board, the blowing function of the blower is to use the high flow rate generated by it to blow out the tiny dust and water droplets on the circuit board, which is more convenient for drying the circuit board, fast, clean and efficient, and is conducive to the development of the next process. If it is not dried, the produced circuit board may have too many impurities, or the adhesion is not firm during automatic welding Depend on, make the rate of defective products rise.

2、 Blower suction vacuum use
If it is an assembly line with high automation program, it will move from one production line to another. In the process of moving the circuit board, there is no need to move it manually. Instead, robot arm is needed to move and transport it. In the process of conversion, the vacuum suction of vortex air pump is needed.

There are a lot of small suction cups at the tentacle, and then use the high vacuum generated by the blower to firmly hold the circuit board through the small suction cup, move it to another assembly line to continue operation, and then use the electronic valve to release the pressure, thus completing a series of actions.

In fact, in this industry of PCB production, blowers as early as a few years ago, our blowers have been widely used in various types of electronic equipment

picture shows the assembly line operation of circuit board

The picture shows the assembly line operation of circuit board

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