vaccum pump for the metal printing industry

From prepress to printing, from paper finishing to special printing equipment, our vacuum technology keeps your printing machine running. Our customers can enjoy unlimited functions: various vacuum pumps and compressors, individual devices, customer specific systems or central pneumatic systems.

Envelope production is one of the applications in printing and paper industry that requires stable vacuum. The envelope production machine applies a vacuum to each small hole in the metal drum that holds and delivers the envelope in the machine. The higher the vacuum, the greater the holding force. It is found that for this particular application, the demand for installation (vacuum and low pressure) system upgrading is increasing. For these upgrades, companies with envelope production machines require oil-free screw vacuum systems to replace their dry vane pumps and roller blowers.

For any vacuum range required for metal printing applications, the vacuum pump series has consistent performance. With the frequent use, the blade is constantly worn, which has an impact on the performance and reliability. At the center of the, when the blades stop, the time tested screw element can continue to run. The size of the system vacuum pump is not limited by the technology, so we can provide a system to meet all the needs. Double vacuum bags – engineering challenges a technology used to make composite materials (or “laminates”) known as “double vacuum bags.”. Because of this technology, it can produce extremely light and strong composite materials and apply them to high-risk industries, such as aerospace industry. At the same time, the composite material is formed by double vacuum bags. Laminates are made by loading completely appropriate heat, pressure and vacuum. This means that a steady flow of heat and vacuum must be ensured.


With the central vacuum system and integrated monitoring equipment, all key parameters can be checked at any time. The upgrading of vacuum system in metal printing industry all printing factories have more or less applied vacuum technology. Recently, it has been found that the experience of terrible low efficiency brought by dry spinning technology to customers has made more and more customers eager to upgrade the existing vacuum system. Similar improvements will bring many business opportunities, especially in the printing industry. In general, the main purpose of upgrading the vacuum system in a printing or binding plant is to save energy. In other cases, the reasons for upgrading are: enhancing the stability of the system and improving production efficiency. In order to further improve the production efficiency, the requirements of the printing system for the vacuum system continue to improve. When the vacuum requirement of the system has exceeded – 0.6bar (g), the performance of dry-type rotary vane pump and roots pump unit has reached the bottleneck. For envelope printers, the faster the equipment, the better the vacuum.

At present, some customers already need – 0.7bar (g) negative pressure environment, which is the best working range of oil-free screw pump. The products can meet the requirements of various air pressures in the printing industry. Since there is no contact and wear in the pump cavity, the product can maintain stability and continuous operation in principle. Compared with the rotary vane pump, the vacuum pump has a larger pumping speed, which means that customers no longer need to install many small pumping speed vacuum pumps, which is more suitable for large-scale production.

Metal printing is one of our specialties. Our vacuum pumps are suitable for all stages of the metal printing industry, including prepress, printing, paper finishing and special printing equipment.

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