Rotary Vacuum Pump in Printing Industry

Application of Rotary Vacuum Pump in Printing Machinery. All printing factories have more or less applied vacuum technology, many customers tell us that they have been using printing equipment, low efficiency, now want to replace high efficiency printing machinery, for printing machinery applications need any vacuum range. EVP vacuum pump manufacturer provides a device to meet customer needs, that is, rotary vane vacuum pump, which can enhance the stability of the system and improve production efficiency.

Printing machinery is the general name of mechanical equipment such as printing press, binding machine, plate making machine and other auxiliary mechanical equipment. These mechanical equipments have different properties and uses, so their mechanical forms are not exactly the same. Modern printing presses generally consist of plate loading, ink coating, stamping, paper feeding and other institutions. When it works, it first makes printed text and image into a printing plate, mounts them on the printing press, then coats the ink on the place where there are words and images on the printing plate by manual or printer, and then transfers them directly or indirectly to paper or other printing materials, thus duplicating the same printed matter as the printing plate. The automatic products used in printing machinery include PLC, HMI, frequency converter, servo, low voltage electrical and so on.

2XZ vacuum pump.

In order to further improve production efficiency, printing machinery for vacuum pump requirements continue to improve. Dual-stage rotary vane vacuum pump is more precise, the work of the whole pump is linked together, so it is not suitable for pumping out all kinds of gases which contain too much oxygen, toxic, explosive corrosion of ferrous metals and have chemical effect on vacuum oil, nor can it be used as compressor and delivery pump. If there is a pump with an air-ballast device, a certain amount of condensable gas can be pumped out.

Dual-stage rotary vane vacuum pump uses:

1. Dual-stage rotary vane vacuum pump is one of the basic equipment for gas extraction. It can be used alone or connected with super-high vacuum pumps such as booster pump, diffusion pump and molecular pump as a front-stage pump. It is widely used in the manufacture of electronic devices, vacuum drying, filtration, impregnation, coating, welding, smelting and laboratory equipment.

2. Dual-stage rotary vane vacuum pump is allowed to operate for a long time in the ambient temperature range of 5 40 and the inlet pressure is less than 10 torches. When the relative temperature of the extracted gas is more than 90%, the ballast valve should be opened.

3. The intake port of the two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump shall not operate continuously for more than 3 minutes.

With the widespread application of mechanical and electrical equipment in a wide range of industries, rotary vane vacuum pump is indispensable in printing enterprises, many enterprises also have deep feelings for this! Rotary vane vacuum pump is an important part and link of printing machinery, because it can force the drying of printing blocks in the printing process, improve production efficiency, and also play a positioning role in screen printing machine, effectively ensure the high accuracy and precision of printing, thus ensuring the printing efficiency. This is the advantage of the application of rotary vane vacuum pump in printing machinery.

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