Roots vacuum pump in pasture

Before that, water ring vacuum pump and rotary vane vacuum pump were used in domestic pastures. The rotary vane vacuum pump is cheap and easy to install, but it has the disadvantages of high noise and oil consumption. The disadvantages of water ring vacuum pump are high power consumption, low efficiency and high noise. In order to solve this problem, it is suggested that the pasture should gradually improve to use roots vacuum pump. So, what is the effect of Roots vacuum pump in pasture?

The roots vacuum pump is an important part of the milking machine, so the selection of the right roots vacuum pump and its stability is directly related to the milk production, the quality of milk, the incidence of mastitis in cows, the efficiency of milking, etc.

The milking machine is composed of milker and vacuum device. The sucking action of calf (sheep) is simulated by using the sucking action of vacuum device to suck out the cow (sheep) milk.

Roots vacuum pump can operate stably for 24 hours, with strong pumping capacity, high efficiency and no pollution. It is applied to large-scale milking equipment, with less maintenance, high reliability, oil-free lubrication and sealing and reasonable relative price.

If the vacuum pump is not selected well, once it breaks down, the whole milking equipment will be paralyzed, which will affect the milking in the pasture and cause serious economic losses. This shows that the selection of Roots vacuum pump, milking equipment and ranch is essential.

Just because the application of Roots vacuum pump in the pasture has a very important role, so I have sorted out some precautions about roots vacuum pump for you, I hope you can remember.


1. Close the front stage oil seal mechanical pump air valve (such as the front stage oil seal mechanical pump air valve in the operation of gasoline town).

2. Close the intake valve of Roots vacuum pump.

3. Stop the roots vacuum pump first, and then the front vacuum pump. It is strictly prohibited to make mistakes in the shutdown procedure.

4. When stopping the front stage pump, immediately increase the air inlet of the front stage pump.

5. Close the cooling water inlet valve.

6. If you need to stop using for a long time, or in order to prevent freezing cracks in winter, please open the water and cut off the remaining water in the cooling water jacket at the fixed end.

How to maintain roots vacuum pump properly?

1. Maintenance required for every 500 hours of operation

A. It is necessary to check the belt tension, which shall not exceed 6 mm, and correct that the belt of vacuum pump and motor is in a horizontal line.

B. check whether the gearbox oil level of vacuum pump is in the middle scale of sight glass.

C. apply high temperature grease to the bearing end of Roots vacuum pump.

2. Maintenance required for every 1000 hours of operation

A. perform 500 hours of maintenance.

B. to clean the pump head of Roots vacuum pump, it is better to use the heat generated by the operation of vacuum pump to remove water vapor before milking. 4 L of water is needed for cleaning, and 32 ml of alkaline or acid cleaning agent is needed. After washing, rinse with clear water immediately. Generally, one acid cleaning is used after two consecutive alkaline cleaning.

C. test the pumping capacity of the vacuum pump (when the vacuum degree is 50 kPa) and the back pressure of the vacuum pump (not more than 5 kPa).

3. Maintenance work to be carried out every 4000 hours of operation

A. perform 500 and 1000 hours of maintenance.

B. replace the lubricating oil in the gearbox of pump head, and refill the lubricating oil to the center of sight glass.

C. check the condition of the belt, replace it if necessary, tighten the belt, and compress and stretch the belt no more than 6mm. With the advantages of consumption, it is more and more widely used in various processes of chemical operation.

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