Air Compressor Machines Prices

The price of air compressor how many – a lot of manufacturers must be very familiar with the air compressor, the air compressor products on the market model product brand is different, the price varies, in a few thousand yuan to hundreds of thousands of yuan between. Here’s how an air compressor works:

Compressor principle

Compression method

Ⅰ isothermal compression: when gas is compressed, always maintain a constant temperature of compression method.

Ⅱ adiabatic compression: neither heat nor take away from outside heat compression method under the adiabatic condition.

Ⅲ multilateral curve compression (the actual use of compression method) : it is a part of the generated heat radiation and heat exchange with the outside, and the isothermal compression and compression of different compression method.

Compression ratio

(pressure ratio, pressure ratio)

Ⅰ in compression ratio (i.e., internal pressure ratio)

The ratio of the final pressure (absolute pressure) to the initial pressure (absolute pressure) of a gas after internal compression.

Ⅱ external compression ratio (that is, the pressure ratio)

The ratio of outlet exhaust pressure (absolute pressure) and inlet suction pressure (absolute pressure) of the compressor.

For screw compressor, internal compression ratio refers to the screw main suction, exhaust pressure ratio (absolute pressure), external compression ratio refers to the compressor suction, exhaust pressure ratio (absolute pressure).

Generally speaking, the compression ratio of the compressor refers to the external compression ratio, the inspiratory pressure refers to the local atmospheric pressure, and the exhaust pressure refers to the rated working pressure of the compressor. For example, ud110-8 of uni-nettes compressor has an exhaust pressure of 8bar, so the compression ratio is 9.

For the multi-stage compressor, the pressure ratio is also known as the total pressure ratio, refers to the final exhaust pipe pipe pipe pipe pipe measured at the end of the suction pressure measured at the first stage. Corresponding levels of nominal suction, exhaust pressure ratio is called the pressure ratio.

Compressor volumetric flow rate

Volume flow in China is also known as displacement or nameplate flow.

Generally speaking, under the required exhaust pressure, the air volume of the compressor discharged in unit time, converted to the intake state, that is, the first stage of the intake pipe suction pressure and suction temperature and humidity when the volume value. That’s the volume of the inhalation.

According to the national standard, the compressor is qualified when the actual discharge is ±5% of the nominal flow.

If the rotational speed does not change, the pressure change theoretically does not affect the displacement, specifically, affects the volume flow, does not affect the mass flow. Because we generally say the amount of exhaust refers to the flow of air, so there is no change.

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Air Compressor Machines Prices

Air Compressor Machines Prices

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