Vacuum Pumps and Blowers

Vacuum pumps and blowers are used in various industries and applications, such as fisheries, meat, dairy products and industry. They are critical to processes critical to a controlled environment, such as laboratories or medical procedures.
Vacuum pumps remove air or fluid from the enclosed area and prevent it from re-entering the space. Different types of pumps produce pressure and suction in different ways. Your industry may need pressure and attraction in the same environment. There are regenerative blowers, rotating blades and screw vacuum pumps. Further, you can choose oil-free or oil-immersed vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum Pumps and Blowers
Our vacuum system pumps are positive displacement pumps for transmission, dispersion or capture of any liquid or gas you need to move. EVP vacuum pumps and blowers are designed for easy handling of various process gases, pulp waste or grease and oil. Therefore, they can be used in many different workspaces, so they can be completely interchangeable with similar models of our competitors – which means that lack of compatibility will hardly be a problem you have to deal with.

Food and beverage
Plastics and woodworking
Pneumatic conveying
Pulp and paper
waste water

We know that in addition to quality design, our customers also value their ability to choose the right pump for their business, and we do not want to be stingy with any factor. Our vacuum system can be made of various materials according to your requirements. These installations can be sealed in various ways. In some cases, we can also provide vertical or horizontal configurations as an option to allow installation in any number of different working environments, regardless of interior design or space constraints. They have high power and can vacuum at nearly 40,000 cubic feet per minute. Our blower applications can provide a release rate of 10,000 cfm, so you know they can handle whatever work you need.
Vacuum pumps are now used in a variety of industries, and it is almost impossible to list them here. They are used in scientific laboratories to remove toxic gases. They are used to pump waste liquid out of the sewage treatment area. Some vacuum pumps are used to operate gyroscopes in flight instruments because the resulting vacuum enables them to operate even when the power supply fails! Their applications are varied.
If you are considering using vacuum pumps or blowers for your business, please contact EVP immediately! We look forward to helping you find the right tools for the job at hand. Our team is knowledgeable, happy and eager to help – because our customers are our primary concern. Let’s know what you need, and you can expect it to be done quickly and correctly.

Capable of handling air and other process gases
Various Building Materials
Interchangeability with Equivalent Competition Model
Vertical and horizontal configuration – blower
Various sealing methods – vacuum
Flow up to 39,000 CFM – Vacuum
Flow up to 10,000 CFM – Blower application

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