flue gas desulfurization vacuum pump

At present, there are dozens of flue gas desulfurization technologies. According to the wet and dry forms of water and desulfurization products, flue gas desulfurization can be divided into wet, semi-dry and dry desulfurization processes. Wet desulfurization technology is mature, efficient and easy to operate.

Flue gas desulfurization vacuum pump is a vacuum pump designed by our company according to the need of flue gas desulfurization in power industry. Wet parts are designed by two-phase flow hydraulic system in accordance with ISO5199 standard. They are made of alloys with strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It can use dynamic seals and mechanical seals at the same time; unique design enables mechanical seals to run for a long time without cooling water; its structure is convenient for pipeline layout; it can couple intelligent monitoring system, and can be automatically controlled or integrated with DCS. It is suitable for conveying slurry or slurry produced during flue gas desulfurization, or corrosive liquid containing hard impurities.

Flue gas desulfurization

When flue gas is desulfurized, gypsum slurry will be produced, which needs to be dehydrated by vacuum belt filter to form gypsum products. Some impurities, water vapor and a small amount of water generated by filtration will enter the vacuum pump. Water is used as working medium in the vacuum pump of flue gas desulfurization-liquid ring vacuum pump, and there is a large gap between components. Effective in this working condition can run well to meet the needs of customers, is the ideal choice for users.

Flue gas desulfurization refers to the removal of sulfur oxides (SO2 and SO3) from flue gas or other industrial waste gases. In FGD technology, according to the type of desulfurizer, there are five methods: CaCO3 (limestone) based calcium method, MgO based magnesium method, Na2SO3 based sodium method, NH3 based ammonia method and organic base method.


Why do we need to desulfurize the flue gas?

Desulfurization refers to the process of removing sulfur from fuel before combustion and desulfurization before flue gas emission. This is one of the important technical measures to prevent and control air pollution. With the development of industry and the improvement of people’s living standards, the desire for energy is also increasing. Sulfur dioxide in coal-fired flue gas has become the main cause of air pollution. Reducing sulphur dioxide pollution has become a top priority in atmospheric environmental management. Many vacuum pumps for flue gas desulfurization have been widely used in industry, which have important practical significance for the treatment of various boilers and incinerators.

The specific application should be analyzed in detail, and appropriate vacuum desulfurization technology should be selected from investment, operation and environmental protection. With the development of science and technology, the application of vacuum pump in flue gas desulfurization technology is an important way to develop new flue gas desulfurization technology. Because of its unique characteristics, it is easy to use, easy to install and maintain; no oil leakage, no fuel injection, no pollution to the working environment.) There will be a lot of room for development. With the increasing attention to environmental control and industrial flue gas emissions, the investment and operation cost of desulfurization technology is low, the desulfurization efficiency is high, the utilization rate of desulfurizer is high, the pollution is low, and there is no secondary pollution, which will become the future smoke. The main development trend of natural gas desulfurization technology.

The application of vacuum pump in flue gas has always been an important subject of environmental protection. Mainstream desulfurization technology will continue to be widely used at home and abroad. Under the influence of technical conditions and economic costs, flue gas desulfurization vacuum pump is the first choice for various desulfurization requirements, and will become one of the important technical means of incineration flue gas desulfurization in the future.

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