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With the development of vacuum application, many kinds of vacuum pumps have been developed, such as rotary vane vacuum pump, liquid ring vacuum pump, Roots vacuum pump, dry vacuum pump, molecular pump and so on. Its pumping speed rises from zero to hundreds of thousands or millions of liters per second.

With the application of vacuum technology in the field of production and scientific research, the pressure range of vacuum technology is becoming wider and wider. Most vacuum pumps need to be composed of several vacuum pumps to suck together before they can meet the requirements of production and scientific research. Because the working pressure range of vacuum application department is very wide, any type of vacuum pump can not be fully applied. All working pressure ranges can only use different types of vacuum pumps according to different working pressure ranges and different working requirements. In order to use conveniently and meet the needs of various vacuum process, sometimes all kinds of vacuum pumps are combined according to their performance requirements for unit type application. Its mechanical choice must also be treated well.

The application advantages of vacuum pumps should embody their own characteristics in the overall factors of product performance and development, fully embody the reliable strength of their own performance by constantly exploiting the product strength, and increase the development of product strength by constantly advancing the practical effect, thus embodying the superiority of equipment and enhancing their own superiority performance according to the reliable product application performance. Strength promotion, to improve the application ability of products to expand its overall driving advantages.


SV Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump:Vacuum Packaging &Vacuum Pasting,Vacuum Drying, Vacuum degassing, Vacuum impregnating,Lifting, transporting, suctioning, loading and unloading other industries.


2BV Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump:2BV series water ring vacuum pumps are suitable for pumping the gases and steam. Its suction pressure can reach 33mbar (abs) (i.e. 97 % vacuum degree).


ZJ Roots Vacuum Pump:They’re widely used in vacuum smelting, vacuum welding, vacuum casting, vacuum coating, vacuum drying, vacuum dynamic experiment and chemical pharmaceutical, electric vacuum device manufacturing industries.

Different vacuum applications have different vacuum degrees and pumping rates. Therefore, technical experts of EVP vacuum pumps must accurately analyze the actual situation and provide tailor-made solutions accordingly. Customized Vacuum Pump for Email


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