Screw vacuum pump in nylon resin drying

Recently, a nylon resin production enterprise changed the rotary vane vacuum pump into dry screw vacuum pump in order to achieve a clean and stable vacuum production environment and ensure product quality. Why choose screw vacuum pump in the nylon resin drying application example? I believe many people do not understand the reason for this practice, therefore, take this opportunity, small series to everyone to sort out a related information about the import screw vacuum pump, written an article, for your reference only.

Screw vacuum pump in nylon resin drying

First, let’s look at what equipment was used before the nylon resin was dried and why it was replaced.

In nylon resin drying, because of the demand for quality, the enterprise adopts vacuum drying process. Stable vacuum and clean vacuum environment should be ensured in the process. However, the extracted medium in the actual drying process contains a large amount of water vapor, so the original rotary vane vacuum pump, due to its own characteristics, its lubricating oil will quickly emulsify, resulting in unstable pumping speed and vacuum degree of the product in the later stage. At the same time, the problems of oil and gas reflux and oil injection also affect the cleanliness of the production environment.

EVP dry screw vacuum pump in this clean and environmentally friendly vacuum drying application, can effectively avoid the problems mentioned above: dry oil; Can directly extract water vapor and particulate matter gas; Single straight air; And can achieve a higher vacuum degree and maintain a steady pumping speed in the practical application of the enterprise. In addition to these, dry screw vacuum pump in the application of oil and water and other media participation, can be equipped with automatic cleaning function, can greatly reduce the maintenance work in the use of enterprises.

Dry screw vacuum pump structure advantages:

1. Reliable sealing structure
Lip seal and mechanical seal plus gas seal, forming a triple seal structure.
Install high performance mechanical seals designed for dry vacuum pumps.
Excellent properly pressurized gas sealing device, further improve the sealing between the gear oil and the gas being pumped.
2. Ultimate vacuum
With optimal clearance design and continuous compression, the ultimate vacuum of 1Pa can be achieved by a single pump.
High vacuum, improve the efficiency of air extraction.
The vacuum is maintained at a steady pumping rate from atmospheric pressure to 133Pa.
3. Smooth discharge structure
Quick exhaust configuration.
Excellent liquid handling capability.
The pulsation of the exhaust gas is reduced.
4. Variable pitch screw
Reasonable pump temperature rise design to prevent coating damage.
The energy saving design of variable pitch screw can reduce the power consumption by 30%.
There is no need to supply the cooling gas to the inside of the pump.
5. Installation of air ballast device
Prevent condensation of highly corrosive gases.
Reduce partial pressure of explosive gas.
6. Prevent grease leakage
Triple lip seal.
Optimize lubrication space to prevent grease leakage.
7. Spiral jacket cooling structure
Adopting spiral cooling water jacket in line with fluid dynamics, the heat exchange efficiency is excellent.
Through a small amount of coolant can control the pump temperature rise.
Pump interior maintains a reasonably low temperature, so coating damage is low.
8. Gear oil cooling water jacket
Keep oil temperature low.
Prevent oil leakage due to gear oil high temperature and high pressure.
Prevent gear oil performance reduction due to high temperature.
9. IEC flange
The simple C flange design reduces noise levels and eliminates coupling calibration problems.
Enhanced threads prevent distortion and vibration.

Through the above content, I believe that many people on the screw vacuum pump in nylon resin drying applications have been known. Screw vacuum pump, the first choice of EVP vacuum equipment co., LTD., EVP company is screw vacuum pump distribution, the most competitive vacuum products and vacuum system supplier. With accumulated years of industry application experience, senior technical support, industry optimal price, to provide you with dry screw vacuum pump professional selection consultation, installation guidance and maintenance.

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