water ring vacuum pump maintenance guide

Although our vacuum pumps and compressors are carefully designed to operate efficiently for decades without problems, problems sometimes arise. Like all machines, the liquid ring vacuum pump also needs to be checked regularly to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Pump bearing

Many types of pumps have sealed bearings and do not need regular lubrication. If your pump is equipped with grease, lubricate the bearings annually or every 3000 hours, whichever comes first. Use high temperature resistant grease.

Motor bearing

Many motors have sealed bearings and do not require regular lubrication. If your motor is equipped with grease, lubricate the bearings annually or every 3000 hours, whichever comes first. Use high temperature resistant grease.

Coupling insert

Check the plug-in once a year for excessive wear. Check for signs of excessive black dust indicating that the blade is worn. If worn, replace the insert.

Pump seal ring

Check quarterly for signs of sealing fluid in the area below the pump bearing housing. If fluid is present, it may indicate a worn seal. The seal must be replaced.

Inlet check valve

Check once a year for corrosion or wear. If the check valve is corroded or worn, it should be replaced.


Check instruments quarterly. If any pressure gauge fails to move or work properly, replace it.


Relief valve

Check once a year to make sure the valve opens at the required vacuum. This can be determined by closing the inlet isolation valve and observing the vacuum gauge reading with the relief valve open. Check the seat area for signs of foreign material build-up and clean the seat area as required.

The water level switch

Check once a year to make sure that the switch can work normally under the condition of low water level and high water level.

Y filter

Check once a year to make sure they are not clogged, which limits the flow of sealing fluid. If the system is exposed to large amounts of particles or hard water deposits, check the Y-strainer more frequently. Remove the cover from the Y filter, pull out the strainer and clean it.

heat exchanger

Check quarterly to ensure they provide adequate cooling. On air cooled heat exchangers, check that all fins are free of debris.

Minimize downtime

Many facilities have standby pumps to minimize downtime.

The long-term application of water ring vacuum pump is closely related to its usual maintenance. It contains many accessories and requires careful and meticulous maintenance to ensure the high-speed operation of the equipment. Check movement at all times during operation. Through the above water ring vacuum pump maintenance guide, if your pump is not working properly, please do not forget to consult a vacuum expert. If you have any other questions, please leave us a message.

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