Blower in grain cutting prototype

blower in grain cutting prototype of function

In the grain cutting prototype system, the grain transported to the inspection room is transported through the gas probe. No personnel are required to get on the train and go out in person. The work efficiency and inspection balance are improved.

The blower is the one that provides strong suction for the gas probe.

Because the grain is transported by trucks, the body is relatively long and deep. If it is manually detected, it will be very hard. Moreover, it is impossible to sample from different locations, which increases the difficulty of manual detection.

As early as a few years ago, it was vigorously promoted. Now, as long as large grain purchasing stations, grain warehouses and food processing plants can see it, it can be said that it is very common.

Blower in grain cutting prototype

So, what we’re going to talk about today is the role of blowers in grain cutting prototypes,

In short, the suction is provided by the whole system, which is usually 5.5 kW or 7.5 kW double bladed wheels. Dust removal system and sealed tank are installed at the front end of the blower.

The dust removal system, as the name implies, is to remove the miscellaneous things sucked into the pipeline, because the grain can not be very clean without impurities, and the processing accuracy of the blower itself is very high, and the cleanliness of the import is very high, so it is necessary to install a dust removal system. Moreover, it is necessary to clean them regularly and timely. During cleaning, there are many impurities, dust and grain husks. If they are not cleaned frequently, the flow and pressure of the blower will be affected, resulting in a drop in suction. Many customers say that after a period of time, they feel that the wind pressure has decreased, which is why.

The tank body is used for temporary storage of grain, and the ultimate goal is also here. After the grain is gathered together, it can be detected to check the moisture content and the degree of dryness and wetness. It can also detect the grain that can not be out of the vehicle, so that there is no dead corner and uniform detection.

Finally, the inspection of the whole grain cutting prototype can be finished, and then the next vehicle of grain will be tested again.

In this case, the function of the blower is to provide suction. It should be installed in a place that is inaccessible to personnel, and rain should also be placed. However, the distance should not be too far. If it is too far, the effect will be lost.

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