Screw Vacuum Pump in Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Dry Screw Vacuum Pump in Photovoltaic Solar Industry of Application

At present, photovoltaic industry is mainly solar energy industry.
Solar energy is the only renewable resource that can meet the human energy demand on the largest scale in the future. Various countries, including developed countries, have actively intervened to seize the technological commanding heights. Our country also lists solar energy as one of the major tasks of the new energy industry. From a technical point of view, the best way to use solar energy is photovoltaic conversion, that is, to use photovoltaic effect to make solar light shine on silicon materials to generate electricity directly. The industrial chain formed by the application and development of silicon materials is called photovoltaic industry.

Screw Vacuum Pump Serves the Photovoltaic Industry

The screw vacuum pump provides a series of dry vacuum pumps for the application of solar energy technology. It is an ideal vacuum generator covering all the production processes of photovoltaic cells. Wafer coating can also be achieved by using screw vacuum pumps. Screw-free vacuum pump is the best choice for this kind of technology. It has rich application experience in semiconductor industry and has been successfully applied worldwide for many years.
Screw vacuum pump can be used in the production of single crystal, polycrystalline and amorphous silicon. According to the size and principle of the crystallizer, the combined vacuum system of screw vacuum pump and Roots vacuum pump can be used, which greatly increases the pumping speed in the limit pressure range. Vacuum pumps have different design sizes and can reach the limit pressure of 0.01 to 0.3 mbar, providing seven standard pumping speeds (70 to 630 cubic meters per hour). When combined with Roots pump, the pumping speed can reach 4000 cubic meters or more per hour.

Screw Vacuum Pump Physical of Display

Screw Vacuum Pump in Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Another application of screw vacuum pumps is photovoltaic cell compression. Vacuum pump vacuum in the laminator, forming a differential pressure, so that EVA film between the individual battery components pressed on the glass plate of the battery, and/or adhered to the appropriate location. Extremely high vacuum has a direct impact on the quality of photovoltaic cells. On the one hand, it prevents the formation of bubbles between thin film and thin film or between thin film and glass plate. On the other hand, it ensures the safe and firm bonding between all battery components, effectively prevents air and moisture from penetrating into photovoltaic cells, thereby improving the service life of the cells.

Screw vacuum pump stands out by its safe, reliable and economical operation mode. The working efficiency of vacuum pump can be improved by oil-free and contactless operation. Compared with oil-lubricated vacuum pump, energy consumption is greatly reduced. Taking the intake of 400 cubic meters per hour as an example, the power consumption of the screw vacuum pump can be reduced by as much as 30%. For some conditions requiring three shifts of continuous operation, this means considerable energy savings.

The low maintenance operation of screw vacuum pump makes it more outstanding in reducing operation cost. At the same time, the real contactless operation also achieves the zero demand for vulnerable parts. In addition, the screw vacuum pump also eliminates a lot of routine maintenance work, such as oil change and oil filter for oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump.

In addition to providing independently operated vacuum pumps for all stages of solar cell production, a central vacuum system can be provided for the entire plant, which means that there is no need to install vacuum pumps in the production workshop.

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