screw vacuum pump application conditions

The use of screw vacuum pumps with different functions should also be distinguished in different occasions, especially under different working conditions. Because the use of inconsistent vacuum pumps will not only damage the equipment, but also affect the production efficiency, so the EVP vacuum pump manufacturer will introduce it to you.

Because the viscosity of the medium has a great influence on the effective power, flow rate and suction height of the screw vacuum pump, the performance parameters of the screw vacuum pump are located at the value of the viscosity of the medium at 7.5×10-5m2/s according to the Chinese standard. The performance parameter range and application occasions of screw vacuum pump only refer to the general situation of a certain type of screw vacuum pump, not including all kinds of screw vacuum pump. Its performance parameter value is not that the high discharge pressure of the twin-screw pump is 8 (20) MPa, which means 0.a.iibik is called as the twin-screw pump, while the high discharge pressure of the twin-screw pump is only 1.6Mpa. The flow rate of 3400m2 / h refers to the current situation. It is a symmetrical cycloidal combined spiral surface. We call it n-shaped twin-screw pump. In this case, its discharge pressure is lower. If it is necessary to develop a product with larger flow rate, the current discharge pressure of this type of twin-screw pump is 8Mpa or even higher in some media, some flow values and some structures.

Gas liquid mixed transportation is only suitable for n-shaped twin-screw pump, other kinds of single screw pump can not be used for gas-liquid mixed transportation. The same non lubricating liquid is only suitable for n-shaped and “square tooth” twin-screw pump. Although the three screw pump can be a high-pressure category, its axial force balance difficulty is only applicable to the working condition of small flow; although the three screw pump can adopt the double suction structure when the flow is large, and the axial force is thus automatically balanced, the length of the screw is limited by various factors such as deflection and strength, so it can only be used in the low-pressure working condition. It is also considered that the large flow three screw pump with a flow rate greater than 200m3 / h is rarely used in practice.

The application of three screw pump only refers to the clean liquid with low lubricity and low lubricity. In fact, it is also used to transport the asphalt containing impurities after taking certain measures in structure and materials, but its discharge pressure is very low and its service life is short. With the development of science and technology, the success of research on new special materials and other factors, foreign countries have also developed a three screw pump that can deliver low viscosity and non lubrication, such as clean water and sea water. Although its volume efficiency decreases rapidly when the discharge pressure increases, it can only be used in the condition of low discharge pressure at present, and its service life is also short and the actual use is very little, but this is a kind of pump after all Breakthrough results.

When using screw vacuum pump under different working conditions, we should pay attention to its type, ensure its own good performance, and ensure that the correct use can bring benefits to users.


screw vacuum pump application conditions

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