Vacuum pump for vacuum concentrator

Vacuum concentrator

Vacuum concentration has many requirements for vacuum system, including the selection of limit vacuum and accessories. Pumps need to have good resistance to chemical corrosion and condensate at the same time. Both the type of solvent used and the characteristics of the sample have a great influence on the required limit vacuum and the appropriate type of process control. It is also important to determine the best heat transfer effect to the sample, so as to avoid the need to upgrade the pump later.

Process requirements
The best heat conduction effect in the sample room
Need medium to high vacuum
Fast and highly sensitive vacuum control for foam prone samples.
Control the condensation of condensate and droplets between pump and concentrator

Requirements for vacuum pump

Excellent chemical resistance
The limit vacuum is up to 7mbar or 1.5mbar
Large enough volume flow (2m3 / h or more)
It has good tolerance to condensate
Equipped with a glass inlet collection bottle to prevent solid particles or small droplets from entering the pump
The air outlet is equipped with a condenser for solvent recovery to minimize the air pollution to the environment and laboratory

Vacuum pump for vacuum concentrator

Vacuum pump for vacuum concentrator

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