Dry Scroll Pump

As the name implies, the dry scroll pump is a kind of pump that has many small blades on the outer edge of the impeller of the pump body and repeatedly makes vortex motion in the blades and flow channels through the liquid of the pump body. The dry scroll pump is also a kind of blade machinery, but in the working process of the living pump and the curve shape formed by the working structure in the working process are different from other types of pumps. It can be said that the dry vortex pump is a kind of special pump body.

The main components of the dry scroll pump are divided into four parts, which are the impeller pump cover and the annular flow channel composed of the front three parts. Different from centrifugal pump, the outer wheel of dry-type vortex pump is surrounded by a circle of disks composed of blades. When the liquid enters the flow passage of the pump body through the suction pipe, the vortex wheel starts to rotate, generating energy through the rotating impeller, which is sent to the dispatching hall, which is the complete working process of the vortex wheel. The ratio of dry scroll pump rotation is usually between 6 and 50. Seeing these two parameters, we can know that the dry scroll pump is actually a small flow pump, but although it has a small flow, it has a relatively high head. Now let’s take a look at the vortex pump, which occasions are it mainly suitable for?


Dry scroll pump is not widely used in life. It is mainly used in social and economic production. With the continuous development of social economy, dry scroll pump is also constantly improving its device and structure, which can adapt to the development of national economy, and can also be applied in many industries of national economy.

First of all, the stainless steel dry scroll pump can transport some highly corrosive liquids in the chemical industry, because these liquids transported by the chemical industry require the pump to have small flow and high lift. According to the above description, we can know the characteristics of the vortex pump, which perfectly meets the needs of the chemical industry. Moreover, in the process of transmission, the dry scroll pump has a high Corrosion resistance, so these corrosive chemical liquids will not cause great damage to the dry scroll pump.

Secondly, the dry scroll pump will be used to transport some liquids with relatively small density, such as oil and alcohol, etc., because, similar to petroleum alcohol, these liquids are easy to diverge, and when pumping, gas and liquid are usually used for mixed transportation. In a variety of pump bodies, only the dry scroll pump can make gas and liquid mixed transportation at the same time.

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