Roots vacuum pump in biodiesel distillation

Roots vacuum pump in biodiesel distillation of application

The main purpose of this paper is to provide a special mechanical equipment for distillation of biodiesel, so as to solve the problems caused by the traditional distillation method, such as the inability to accurately control the temperature of the process and uneven distillation. To achieve the above objectives, our company provides the following technical solutions: the application of imported roots vacuum pump in biodiesel distillation. Do you know why we chose roots vacuum pump? And choose what kind of roots vacuum pump combination? The following content will solve these doubts for you.

Roots vacuum pump in biodiesel distillation

What are the disadvantages of traditional biodiesel production methods?

On the society at present, the main use of biodiesel production is a chemical method, mainly with vegetable oil and animal oil and alcohols (methanol or ethanol and other low carbon alcohol), under the condition of acidic or alkaline catalyst and high temperature, produce fatty acid ester of ester exchange reaction, after washing, dry distillation, biodiesel, biodiesel distillation should be carried out in the distillation tower, the existing distillation tower are steam from the bottom to enter. Evaporation of falling liquid countercurrent contact with gas, two contact, decline of volatile liquid (low boiling point) components to the gas phase shift, in the gas phase difficult volatile components (high boiling point) to transfer in the liquid drop, but this not only leads to excessive steam distillation way, the temperature of the steam flow area of ambassador, it is difficult to precise control and falling liquid contact area is insufficient, will lead to uneven distillation, in view of this, dongguan city puno, vacuum science and technology co., LTD., put forward a set of biodiesel process solution of distillation.

In order to meet the special technical requirements of biodiesel production, we have selected a set of vacuum unit with roots pump as the main pump and water ring vacuum pump as the front pump. Due to its low energy consumption, low noise, strong resistance to load fluctuation, stable operation, no waste water generation and other characteristics. It is widely used in smelting, degassing and rolling of vacuum metallurgy, as well as vacuum distillation, vacuum concentration and vacuum drying in chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

The main features of roots vacuum pump are:

1. There is no liquid as working fluid in the over-flow part, the limit pressure is not affected by water temperature, and there is no secondary pollution to the extracted process gas, which is convenient for the recovery of the discharged gas.
2. No oil in the pump chamber, no pollution to the pumping system, clean vacuum can be obtained, and it is very easy to realize solvent recovery.
3, roots pump cavity all nickel plating layer treatment, screw pump pump cavity nickel plating layer or PTFE coating treatment, can remove water vapor, solvent gas and a variety of corrosive media.
4. There is no waste oil or waste water in the working process, which is no pollution to the environment.
5, the requirements of cooling water is low, for pump cooling, ordinary circulating water can meet the requirements, and the cooling water is small.
6, the energy saving effect is obvious, high vacuum area suction volume, high vacuum degree, is electrical, electronic coating, smelting, heat treatment, drying, distillation, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other industries ideal extraction equipment. It is especially suitable for the semiconductor industry which requires no oil vapor pollution. It is also suitable for the occasions which contain a large amount of water vapor and a small amount of dust.

Compared with chemical technology, import the roots vacuum pump application in the biological diesel oil distillation of beneficial effects: the equipment of the distillation tower for the structure improvement of existing, enables the distillation of the liquid between the steam plate on both ends, and the temperature of the two groups of distillation plate is different, not only low consumption, and can accurately control the temperature of the steam, according to the need to separate the material boiling point distillation, and distilling box set in the flip device, the liquid phase can fully contact with water vapor, distillation is more even.

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