Roots vacuum pump in automotive battery industry

The application of vacuum technology in many industries has achieved effective results. The main purpose of this paper is to elaborate the application of Roots vacuum pump in automobile battery handling. The EVP vacuum pump manufacturer provides a simple structure, easy to use, safe and reliable, time-saving and labor-saving equipment, which is especially suitable for the loading and unloading of new energy vehicle batteries, and is suitable for the disassembly and handling of new energy vehicle batteries, so as to overcome the shortcomings of the existing technology. If you want to know more about the customers, you can read the following content carefully, and I believe you will get something.

What is the choice of Roots vacuum pump in the automotive battery industry?

EVP vacuum products cover a variety of industries, from vacuum components, labor-saving vacuum handling machine, to a complete set of vacuum clamping system, vacuum products are suitable for automatic production, processing, labor-saving transportation and other requirements. From automotive manufacturing, logistics systems, electronics, packaging, food processing, to chemical, wood, metal, composite materials, glass, and new energy, EVP’s vacuum products are ready to meet the challenges of diversification, whether it’s using vacuum suction cups to transport vulnerable electronic components or using roots vacuum pump equipment to transport tons of steel; whether it’s in – 28 In the application cases of more than ten fields, the vacuum solutions provided by us have left a deep impression on users.

The power assisted manipulator is used in the disassembly and assembly of new energy battery in automobile production line. Although it is efficient and fast, it is not suitable for the daily operation of 4S shop maintenance workers. Moreover, the weight of the new energy battery is about 300kg. It is very easy to cause safety accidents if only manual disassembly and assembly with the help of simple tools, and the car body will be damaged slightly. It involves a kind of equipment which is suitable for the disassembly and transportation of new energy battery of automobile. It is our company’s key research that roots vacuum pump is most suitable for automobile battery handling.

The automobile battery should be fixed firmly on the car, and should be handled with care when installing and handling. Because the automobile battery is a kind of metal which is easy to produce chemical reaction, it is easy to extend and burn. If the automobile battery is packaged and transported improperly, it is easy to burn and explode. More and more attention has been paid to the accidents caused by the nonstandard behaviors in packaging and transportation.

The application of Roots vacuum pump in automobile battery handling is characterized by large pumping capacity, pumping speed from 190L / s to 49000l / s, and it can work stably and continuously for a long time. Roots vacuum pump series are widely used in electronics, chemical industry, metallurgy, aviation, aerospace, materials, biological medicine, atomic energy, space exploration and other high-tech fields. Such as a variety of vacuum furnace, vacuum coating equipment, vacuum freeze-drying equipment. The typical roots vacuum pump is controlled by pneumatic valve program.

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