Vacuum pump selection

Vacuum pump selection, not a simple price!

Many customers in the selection process of vacuum pump, often want to be able to move quickly, a phone can let vacuum pump manufacturers give specific products and prices. In fact, except for some simple and direct replacement of single pump, most vacuum applications need to go through several steps of vacuum system design, involving more communication process and selection calculation. Therefore, different vacuum system configurations should be selected to meet the requirements of different product process indexes, working efficiency and service life of equipment, as well as different vacuum sections.

Vacuum pump selection

Generally, users’ vacuum system design needs to go through three stages:

First of all, according to the process characteristics, vacuum chamber vacuum requirements, select the appropriate vacuum system design scheme, vacuum pump selection calculation.

Each customer may have different application requirements for vacuum pump equipment, such as environmental conditions, vacuum requirements, flow changes, the impact of medium characteristics on vacuum pump, etc., the specific type of pump needs to be considered, as well as the corresponding configuration changes. Therefore, at the beginning, vacuum pump manufacturers should combine these practical factors to conduct preliminary vacuum pump selection calculation and determine the general framework of vacuum system design.

The second is to determine the vacuum system piping, valves, vacuum measurement components and other corresponding configuration.

After the preliminary calculation of vacuum pump selection, vacuum pump manufacturers can basically determine the type and type of vacuum pump, as well as the necessary support required by the actual. The next step is to design piping, valves and other components to meet the performance requirements of vacuum equipment and the actual use of control needs. Vacuum pump selection, not a simple price!

The third is the vacuum system assembly drawing and parts drawing.

After the work in the first two stages, the vacuum pump manufacturer needs to draw the specific vacuum system design scheme for the customer, and make the final inspection and communication to see if there is any need for supplementary adjustment. If there is no change, the whole system can enter the construction stage.

Finally, consider the various scenarios before finalizing a solution that fits you:

The price of vacuum pump, the manufacturer should be the minimum investment cost, the minimum cost of production and operation, the above several situations will be reasonable and even distribution, select a feasible scheme.

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