Vacuum pumps for filtration equipment

Piston vacuum pump in filtration system of application

The dehydration process of Baotou steel concentrator is a process of concentration and filtration. The filter equipment USES the filter tube vacuum filter. The filter system vacuum pump equipment for the piston vacuum pump, filter in the process of dehydration, need to use the piston vacuum pump. In the process of dewatering, the filter needs to use the piston vacuum pump to cause the pressure difference of the liquid to achieve the purpose of filtering and at the same time use the blower to unload the ore and clean the filter cloth.

Piston vacuum pump working principle:

Connecting rod through the bearing and eccentric pressure together, eccentric wheel locked in the motor shaft, due to the rotation of the shaft, drive the connecting rod reciprocating motion, so as to achieve the process of air inhalation, compression and discharge.

Piston vacuum pump application:

It can be widely used in medical equipment, automobile industry, automatic control, printing machinery, packaging machinery, food preservation, aquaculture, water purification treatment, analytical instruments, beauty and health care, advertising production, equipment maintenance, biopharmaceutical, communication electronics, petrochemical industry, environmental testing system, oxygen production in plateau areas; It is a good choice for those who need clean and environmentally friendly vacuum space in industrialized society.

The operation cycle of piston vacuum pump equipment is prolonged, maintenance is convenient, less vulnerable parts, saving spare parts cost. No special lubrication system, reduce oil consumption, convenient post maintenance, save fuel cost.

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Vacuum pumps for filtration equipment

Vacuum pumps for filtration equipment

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