Screw vacuum pump in real immersion equipment Application

Fore vacuum pumps of capacitor immersion equipment, oil-sealed mechanical vacuum pumps have been used for many years. Vacuum pump oil is easily contaminated by moisture and capacitor impregnant vapor. A new type of screw vacuum pump, the pump cavity is a dry vacuum pump that does not require oil seals and lubrication. It happens to be able to “kill” the “stubborn disease” of the capacitor and the real immersion equipment. The real immersion equipment uses a dry screw vacuum pump, which can completely save all the troubles of oil-sealed pumps, and save the cost of vacuum pump oil; save the investment cost of the front stage and the intermediate condenser. It is an ideal choice.

Screw vacuum pump in real immersion equipment Application

Real immersion equipment

The main process system of capacitor vacuum drying and impregnation equipment (abbreviation: real immersion equipment) is composed of 5 parts

(1) Vacuum tank and loading mechanism;

(2) Vacuum system;

(3) Heating system;

(4) Oil injection and impregnation system;

(5) Control system;

Among them, the vacuum system is the most important equipment component. It directly determines the quality and efficiency of the real immersion process, as well as the operating cost.

Keeping pace with the times, adopting advanced vacuum equipment in time, and forming a reasonable vacuum system, so that the real immersion process can ensure quality, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. It is the responsibility of all workers related to the real immersion equipment.

Combining the characteristics of the vacuum system of the real immersion equipment, the use of the screw vacuum pump developed in recent years can overcome the dilemma of easy pollution of the front vacuum pump of the real immersion equipment, frequent oil changes, and high cost. After careful research, the ideal dry vacuum system for real immersion equipment was selected and introduced to the capacitor industry. To learn about dry vacuum systems, please contact us.

Dry Screw vacuum pump

Dry Screw vacuum pump

Auxiliary accessories for screw vacuum pumps

(1) Just like Roots pumps, screw vacuum pumps must also have synchronous gears, shaft seals, bearings, end face seals, etc.

(2) Because the screw vacuum pump is a pump that delivers gas quickly. The high-speed and compressed air flow makes the temperature of the gas rise very high. The internal temperature of the pump chamber can rise above 200°C. Therefore, necessary cooling is required.

(3) Generally, the screw vacuum pump should be filled with nitrogen or dry air for cooling. Inflation is also the function of the air seal between the gear box and the bearing box.

(4) Of course, the water jacket of the pump body cools the pump body, which must have conventional setting.

(5) In addition, reducing noise is also an important content.

Standard accessories for screw vacuum pumps

No matter what kind of equipment, its composition is inseparable from various accessories. Whether the equipment can run stably depends on whether its accessories are complete or not? What are the standard accessories for screw vacuum pumps?

  1. Standard accessories of screw vacuum pump:
  2. Suction port, check valve, vacuum gauge;
  3. Exhaust muffler and intake separator;
  4. Base and protective cover.

Optional accessories for screw vacuum pumps:

  1. Inlet Vacuumfilter;
  2. Exhaust condenser;
  3. Gas-liquid separator(Suctiontype)
  4. Flow switch and temperature switch base and protective cover.

These standard accessories are indispensable in screw vacuum pump equipment. When selecting screw vacuum pump equipment accessories, you can refer to the above to check, or you can choose according to the actual usage and conditions of the accessories.

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