Vacuum pump for vacuum cooling

Vacuum cooling
Vacuum cooling of mushrooms, vegetables, fruits, tobacco and flowers;
This problem
Vacuum cooling of many organic products is fresh planted and harvested. The product begins to decompose directly after harvest because it wants to continue growing, but will not get further nutrition. Temperature-stimulated growth slowed down by 2-4 degrees. Therefore, after harvesting, the product goes directly into the cold storage of the pallet and reaches the required temperature within 8-10 hours. It is important that the cooling be carried out as evenly as possible in order to reach the core of the product.
The faster the cooling process, the lower the reject rate and the higher the quality; however, it is impossible to use standard cooling technology to cool faster. All processes are achieved by heat dissipation from the outside to the inside, and there are major obstacles because the product is placed in the crate on the pallet.
Vacuum cooling provides a perfect solution for organic products, which have an open structure, most of which come from water. The cooling principle is based on the evaporation of a small fraction of this moisture. Evaporation energy from evaporation must be provided, but there is no heat exchange because the product is isolated in the vacuum chamber. This is why evaporative energy is extracted from residual products. Vacuum cooling
Products such as mushrooms, vegetables, fruits, tobacco and flowers are products with lower specific heat in water. This means that relatively high temperature drops require little water evaporation. Most of these products have very high moisture content and open structure, which improves evaporation rate and uniformity after cooling. Vacuum cooling is an ideal method for this kind of products. It is uniform, fast, easy to adjust, repeatable, and requires little energy per kilogram of product to be cooled.
For different loads and conditions, the final temperature is very stable and accurate.
The cycle time is short.
Maintenance cost is low.
Energy cost is low.
Our concept vacuum chamber is made of stainless steel, suitable for application.
Strong design.
Modern software is based on the final temperature of the product.
Experience in cooling mushrooms, vegetables, fruits and tobacco.
High quality technology
A turnkey solution was developed for this process after long-term actual scale testing with various mushroom growers and organic companies. The vacuum cooling device mainly includes:
Vacuum chamber or vacuum tunnel.
Condenser with large vacuum chamber.
Vacuum pump installation.
Logistics, feed and emissions.
The vacuum chamber is made entirely of stainless steel, so it is easy to clean. In addition, if damaged, the interior will not rust.
The vacuum pump system is described according to the required capacity, temperature and load. In addition, Indigo can best consider local conditions in the customer environment.
The software for automatic control of the application program is specially developed. The software considers different product variables for each load: more or less moisture, more or less load, and initial temperature difference. For the above variables, the suction of the device is adjusted so that the final temperature of the product after the process is always the same and reproducible. According to local conditions, we can provide various systems to deliver products into the vacuum chamber. In general practice, a 15-60 minute cooling cycle can be achieved.

Vacuum pump for vacuum cooling
Industrial vacuum pumps or vacuum coolers are used in a wide range of applications, including rapid cooling in the food industry.
Customized Solutions
Refrigeration can help select a unit, design the entire system, and then deliver, install and repair your industrial vacuum cooler. Professional technicians can provide suggestions on operation and maintenance, prolong the service life of equipment and ensure long-term savings.
Trust in refrigeration and other expert teams means quality services and efficient, reliable systems that exceed your expectations.
Available brand
For vacuum cooling system, according to customer requirements, pump selection varies from customer to customer. These refrigeration solutions are customized.
Contact our team to find out which vacuum cooler is most suitable for your company’s needs.
The most common vacuum pump we buy is a powerful commercial EVP product.

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