Vacuum pump for pharmaceutical blister packaging machine

Vacuum often plays an important role in packaging process and packaging production. Using vacuum technology can effectively and accurately form packaging, thermoforming and coating. It can also be moved, transported, opened and sealed by vacuum. In the process of packaging, the goods to be packed can be delivered and inserted under the effect of vacuum.

The use of vacuum in food packaging can help to prolong the freshness of food without reducing the quality. Fresh food can keep its appearance, freshness and flavor by using map.

Vacuum is an important part of chemical and pharmaceutical processes. It can accelerate reaction speed, protect materials from damage, keep components clean and separate, and improve efficiency.

Vacuum pump is one of the most widely used equipment in pharmaceutical industry. From pilot plant to industrial production, all fields, from intermediate manufacturers to active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) manufacturers, their use scale is very large. Let’s talk about the application of vacuum pump in medical blister packaging machine.

What is the medical blister packaging machine

The medical blister packaging machine is a compound blister packaging machine with PVC film and PTP aluminum foil as packaging materials. It is suitable for the packaging of sugar coated tablets, plain tablets, capsules and other medicines of various specifications and sizes. It can also be used for the packaging of small hardware, electronic components or food with similar shapes. It has the advantages of reliable sealing, convenient carrying and use, beautiful packaging shape, compact machine structure, high automation, and installation Convenient maintenance and other advantages, in line with GMP requirements.

The high-speed blister packaging machine is suitable for automatic high-speed blister packaging of regular drugs such as capsules and tablets, chewing gum, lozenges, chocolate beans and other sweets. It adopts the flat positive pressure molding, the blister is straight and even, the cylinder type mesh seal is reliable, and equipped with batch number printing and indentation installation. It can be designed to cut without waste, with high automation, high production capacity and significant savings Superior performance of the packaging material.


Technical characteristics

1. There is no tool to change the mold quickly, and the mold adopts the guide push type.

2. Servo traction is adopted, which makes the setting simple and debugging more convenient.

3. Punching push in installation, if equipped with detection, waste removal and replacement, do not remove the suction head.

4. The forming heating plate has a long separation distance from shutdown, which can avoid excessive softening of PVC.

5. It can be equipped with image detection and waste removal, manipulator suction head and vibration guide rail automatic feeder.

6. It can be matched with servo cursor.

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