Coal mine pump

Coal mine pump product description

We are the leading manufacturer of coal pumps. We provide a wide range of stainless steel centrifugal pumps, widely used in a variety of engineering, fluid and other industries, used to transport milk, juice, water, chemicals and so on. Made of superior stainless steel, these pumps are recognized for high durability and flexibility. The innovative design of these pumps ensures trouble-free performance and energy efficiency.

Coal mine pumps are used to transport neutral mineral water with solid particle content no more than 1.5% (particle size less than 0.5mm) and other similar sewage, and the temperature of the medium to be transported is no more than 80℃, suitable for steel works, mine drainage, sewage transportation and other occasions.

Coal mine pump

Coal mine pump performance range:

Flow Q: 6.3~600m cubed /h

Head H: 17~850m

Direction of rotation of coal mine pump:

From the motor end to the pump for clockwise rotation.

Main parts of coal mine pump material:

Pump flow parts are made of cast iron, the shaft is made of no.45 steel.

Complete range of coal mine pumps:

Pump is supplied with motor and base, can be equipped with function base or its base, the manufacturer also provides accessories (including outlet cone pipe, gate valve, bottom valve, check valve) and spare parts (including impeller, sealing ring, guide vane sleeve, balance disc, shaft sleeve).

Coal mine pump features:

1. Good suction ability, suction flange and discharge flange can rotate in any direction; The middle part of the processing precision, high concentricity; The suction section, the middle section and the outlet section are connected by tightening bolts, which is safe and reliable.
2. The installation of pump shaft is simple and rapid, which can turn the direction and facilitate the arrangement of motor.
3. Famous bearing, high precision, long life.
4. The design of water return pipe reduces the sealing pressure and axial force, while the setting of the balance plate completely balances the axial force, ensuring the safety and service life of the bearing.
5. The shaft seal can use non-asbestos soft packing, meet the requirements of environmental protection, long life; Mechanical seals can also be used to ensure a clean environment, less maintenance. The optimized design of the sealing body makes it easy to replace the sealing material.
6. Optimized hydraulic model design, novel structure guide vane, better hydraulic performance.

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