Vacuum pump to replace for material loading system

Vacuum conveying system: direct loading mixer loading


The traditional vacuum receiver is eliminated to avoid its loading and unloading. The transfer of all materials to the process will not cause overflow, waste. Minimize housework.

The transfer can be completely automatic without manual handling of the material.

Avoid product waste, loss and pollution. Extract material from the floor through a clean hose or pipe. Operators must not be exposed to dust or hazardous substances.

System with timing control and automatic pulse filter cleaning function. Controls and vacuum pumps can be located remotely.

The agitator loader hopper is easily removed from the rack for flushing, leaving the control and power components in place.

The lid of the mixer will normally need to be modified, or many models offer standard adapters.

Complete pneumatic fittings include pick up rods, feed boxes and bag unloading stations.

Power options include vacuum pump kits of up to 3 HP and dedicated power units.

Available standards are 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel. Provide food and drug grade surface treatment.

The material loading system can be replaced by vacuum pump. The following is a look at the problems and solutions in the use of vacuum pump:

How to solve the vacuum pump leakage problem

We usually use the vacuum pump through a long time after the use of the need for maintenance, during the maintenance of which points should be required to pay attention to it.

1. Vacuum pump and its surrounding environment should be cleaned regularly.

2. The temperature rise in the vacuum pump shall not exceed 70℃.

3. Vacuum pump oil of different types and brands shall not be mixed.

4. During operation, the vacuum pump shall keep the oil amount in the oil tank not lower than the oil mark center.

5. The new pump can be replaced for 1 to 2 times at about 100h. When the oil does not contain ferrous metal powder, the replacement period can be extended. According to the specification and the actual situation of use to determine the oil period.

6. In use, when the air intake is suddenly exposed to the atmosphere due to system damage or other special accidents, the pump should be stopped as soon as possible and the vacuum tube connected with the system should be cut off to prevent fuel injection and site pollution.

7. After long-term use of vacuum pump, the ultimate vacuum degree is reduced, which needs to be checked. At the same time, systems, pipes, valves and motors should also be cleaned and repaired.

8. The new pump and repair pump shall be operated for 46 hours to check whether the pump meets the operating requirements.

9. Do not disassemble all parts unless necessary.

10. When no vacuum pump is used, rubber plug (cover) is used to prevent stolen items and hard items from falling into the pump.

Always pay attention to the development trend of vacuum pump vacuum technology when using, and introduce new technology and new materials as soon as possible to improve the performance of the traditional system.

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