Roots liquid ring pump system

Roots Liquid Ring Pump System

Roots-liquid ring pump system is composed of roots pump as the main pump and water ring pump as the front pump in series. Roots-liquid ring pump system is more advantageous than other vacuum pumps in choosing water ring pump as the front pump. It overcomes the shortcomings of the limit pressure difference when a single water ring pump is used and the low pumping rate under a certain pressure. At the same time, it retains the advantage that Roots pump can work quickly and has a larger pumping rate. Especially, it can suit to extract a large amount of condensable steam, especially when the capacity of gas-ballast oil-seal mechanical vacuum pump to remove condensable steam is not enough, or the solvent used can deteriorate the performance of the pump oil, or when the vacuum system does not allow oil pollution. When equipped with explosion-proof motors and electrical appliances and in compliance with the corresponding safety rules, flammable and explosive gases can also be removed.

Roots Liquid Ring Pump System application:

Roots liquid ring pump system is widely used in vacuum distillation, vacuum evaporation, dehydration and crystallization in chemical industry; freeze-drying in food industry; vacuum drying in pharmaceutical industry; polyester chips in textile industry; high altitude simulation test and other vacuum pumping systems.

Roots liquid ring pump system

Roots Liquid Ring Pump System characteristics :

1. Roots liquid ring pump system has remarkable energy-saving effect compared with single pump.
2. Small area and reliable operation;
3. Under high vacuum condition, the pumping rate is high.
4. Suitable for the extraction of air or other water-insoluble, solid-free, non-corrosive gases.

Roots liquid ring pump system technical parameters:

Model Main
PumpSpeed Ultimate
Motor Power (Kw)
I II L/S Pa Torr I II
JZPS30-1 ZJP30 SK1.5 30 3×10-2 2.25 0.75 4
JZPS70-1 ZJP70 2SK3 70 3×10-2 2.25 1.1 7.5
JZPS150-1 ZJP150 2SK6 150 3×10-2 2.25 2.2 11
JZPS300-1 ZJP300 SK12 300 3×10-2 2.25 4 22
JZPS600-1 ZJP600 SK25 600 3×10-2 2.5 7.5 45
JZPS70-21 ZJP70 ZJP30 SK1.5 70 100 0.75 1.1 0.75 4
JZPS150-21 ZJP150 ZJP70 2SK3 150 40 0.3 2.2 1.1 7.5
JZPS300-21 ZJP300 ZJP150 2SK6 300 40 0.3 4 2.2 11
JZPS600-21 ZJP600 ZJP300 SK12 600 40 0.3 7.5 4 22
JZPS1200-21 ZJP1200 ZJP600 SK25 1200 40 0.3 11 7.5 45















Roots liquid ring pump system installation instructions:

1. Roots liquid ring pump system should be installed in buildings with good ventilation performance, bright and less dust, and the ambient temperature should be 5-40 degrees Celsius.

2. There should be enough space around Roots-liquid ring pump system for routine inspection, maintenance and repair.

3. Roots liquid ring pump system is usually installed on the frame when it leaves the factory. Users must cast concrete foundation and bury bolts (expansion bolts) of fixed units in the concrete to meet the required level of the foundation plane.

4. After fixing the Roots-liquid ring pump system in place, the connecting pipeline and pipeline diameter shall not be less than the inlet and outlet diameter of the pump, and there shall be no foreign matter such as welding slag and impurities in the pipeline. Valves shall be installed in the connecting pipeline above the main pump inlet to separate the vacuum unit from the system, and the total allowable leakage rate of the system shall be less than 10 PaL/S.

5. When particulate matter is removed from the gas, a filter must be installed in the pipeline above the main pump.

6. When there is strong corrosiveness in the extracted gas (PH < 5), the neutralization device must be installed in the pipeline above the main pump.

7. The pipeline of the outlet of the water ring pump in Roots-liquid ring pump system should be as short as possible. The diameter of the pipeline is equal to the outlet diameter. It is required that the connecting height of the drain pipe with fewer elbows (generally no more than three) should not be higher than 0.5 meters.

8. Connect the intake pipe of Roots-liquid ring pump system, and there should be valves in the pipeline to control the intake of the pump. It is advisable to use 1/2 of the intake pipe diameter, 0.1 MPa-0.2 MPa of water pressure, and clean tap water or well water as the water source.

9. The electrical control cabinet of Roots-liquid ring pump system should be installed in an appropriate position for easy operation. If the user distributes the electric control cabinet, it should be designed and installed according to the working procedure of Roots-liquid ring pump system. The steering of each pump meets the specifications. The electrical equipment of Roots-liquid ring pump system must have interlocking and automatic protection device, which requires reliable and safe operation.

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