vacuum pump in small clay extruder machine

The working principle of clay extruder vacuum pump is the same as that of general positive displacement vacuum pump. A rotor is eccentrically installed in the inner cavity of the vacuum pump. There are three radial sliding rotors on the rotor. The inner cavity of the vacuum pump is divided into three working rooms. When the vacuum pump is operating, the volume of each working room changes periodically, and the working room with increasing volume constantly sucks gas from the suction port into the pump cavity When the pressure is greater than the exhaust pressure, the gas will be discharged through the channel between the vacuum pump and the oil tank. This operation is repeated three times per revolution.

The Extruder mainly uses clay, fly ash, gangue, shale, river silt and other raw materials to produce various hollow brick solid bricks. The machine has strong practicability, small investment and quick effect. In addition, the use of the equipment is conducive to improving the production efficiency of the enterprise and reducing the production cost. It is an ideal equipment for the technical transformation of brick and tile enterprises. So, in normal times, how to maintain and maintain such important equipment?

First of all, formulate and strictly implement the production line process procedures, operation procedures, operation standards, daily maintenance system, pay special attention to the quality of raw material processing.

Second, strengthen the routine maintenance of the clay extruder machine , pay attention to the clearance between the lower cutter and the seal cylinder liner, and the clearance between the upper cutter and the seal cylinder liner. When the clearance is too large, increase the return flow of mud, reduce the output and heat the cylinder body; repair or replace the agitator in time when the upper agitator is worn.

Third, if it is necessary to repair and replace parts in production, the motor must be shut down to prevent misoperation and carelessness, resulting in equipment and personal accidents.

Fourth, the distance between the installation position of the vacuum pump and the vacuum extruding brick is generally no more than 5m, and the center line of the vacuum pump and the extruding center line of the vacuum extruder are on the same horizontal plane, so the air inlet pipe should avoid excessive bending angle, resulting in large exhaust resistance.

Finally, EVP water ring vacuum pump manufacturers remind us that in order to keep the machine in good condition, give full play to its due efficacy, achieve high yield, high quality, low consumption, and improve economic efficiency, it is necessary to do a good job in daily maintenance and repair.


vacuum pump in small clay extruder machine

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