Rotary vane vacuum pump in heating unit

Rotary Vacuum Pump in Heating Unit of Application

The working liquid cooler of vacuum pump and refrigeration equipment are installed at the inlet of vacuum pump. Another technical plan of rotary vane vacuum pump which can improve the power of condensing steam turbine is to connect the pumping end of rotary vane vacuum pump to the condenser of steam turbine through gas suction pipe, the non-gas end to the steam-water separator, and the sealing end of rotary vane vacuum pump to the working liquid supply pipe to connect the working liquid supply pipe and the gas suction pipe. A working fluid heat exchanger and a gas heat exchanger are arranged separately at the entrance of the tube for cooling the working fluid to provide the cold water for the refrigeration equipment. This method can be used to reduce the gas temperature of the condenser discharged into the vacuum pump, which can partly condense the water vapor in the inhaled non-condensable gas and improve the vacuum of the condenser, thereby improving the power and power consumption of the steam turbine. It can decrease working fluid temperature, improve vacuum degree, improve the working condition of vacuum pump rotor, avoid small cavitation of vacuum pump, oscillation of vacuum pump and add service life of vacuum pump.
The working pressure of the rotary vane vacuum pump and the pressure of the condenser are a dynamic equilibrium process. It is necessary that the suction pressure of the concave-convex vacuum pump, regardless of the circulating water temperature, is lower than the pressure of the condenser in order to extract the non-condensable gas from the condenser. Therefore, it is necessary for the sealing water temperature of rotary vane vacuum pump to be lower than the full temperature corresponding to the exhaust pressure.
The use of rotary vane vacuum pump in heating units not only improves the vacuum of the unit, but also prolongs the service life of the vacuum pump, together with reducing the noise and vibration of the vacuum pump.

Rotary vane vacuum pump in heating unit

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