Roots blower in cement plant

Roots blower industry has been stable since its development, but with the continuous promotion of the market and the expansion of emerging industries, this industry is constantly facing various challenges. First of all, the traditional application industry has new development opportunities. Chemical industry, cement industry and iron and steel industry are the three most important application industries of Roots blower, and their sales volume has been in the top five of the industry.

A large number of fixed assets investment formed by the elimination of backward production capacity and new production capacity in cement industry brings huge market opportunities for Roots blower industry. According to the statistics of China Cement Association, 176 new dry process cement production lines were newly built and put into operation in 2009, and the annual design cement clinker production capacity was 195 million tons. More than 5000 tons of new production lines, accounting for 69.47% of the total production capacity. From 2010 to the 12th Five Year Plan period, with the gradual commencement of non started projects and the gradual start of backward capacity transformation projects, the investment in fixed assets of cement industry will still maintain a rapid growth rate.

The power saving rate of Roots blower is directly proportional to the speed drop, i.e. n% = △ n%, which is different from the general fan and water pump. The power saving rate of Roots blower is higher than that of ordinary fan and water pump. Because of its large power, and as long as the furnace wall is not damaged, it works continuously for 24 hours, and the start-up time is also very long. Therefore, it has great potential and high cost.

After the technical transformation of Roots blower, the production mode of adjusting the air pressure or air volume by adjusting the opening of outlet (inlet) valve has been changed. The labor intensity has been reduced, and it is a saving and timely adjustment. The qualified rate of products has been improved, and the unit consumption has decreased significantly.

First of all, in terms of design, the efficiency of all kinds of fans can be increased by 5% – 10% on average by applying the scientific research results of impeller, volute and other components, and further improving the manufacturing accuracy. At present, the most advanced centrifugal fan adopts three-dimensional flow impeller, and its maximum efficiency can reach more than 87%; the highest efficiency of axial-flow fan with higher efficiency has reached 92%.

Cement plant is also a big power consumer. In recent years, the application of frequency converter projects is expanding day by day. It mainly includes roots blower, disc feeder, feed water ball, screw conveyor, crusher, belt conveyor and exhaust fan. After application, it not only saves the electricity cost, but also improves the product quality. It also increases the flexibility in use and has stronger adaptability to different process requirements. Therefore, many shaft kiln cement plants have selected frequency converter for shaft kiln, especially roots blower. After technical transformation, they have received very significant economic effect, and the power saving rate can reach 30% – 50%. It has changed the production mode of adjusting air pressure or air volume by adjusting the opening of outlet (import) valve. The labor intensity is reduced, the adjustment is timely, and the product combination is improved The lattice rate and unit consumption decreased significantly.

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