Vacuum pump air leakage

Air leakage of vacuum pump from these points

The emergence of many problems of vacuum pump is not related to regional problems. For example, the use of vacuum pump in Shandong area should not be much different from that in other places. Many problems happen by chance. For example, air leakage of vacuum pump is an internal problem. Therefore, we should put aside our thoughts and remove the fog of problems.

1. The vacuum pump is not sealed tightly

Tighten all the connecting bolts, tighten the packing gland, and tightly wrap the place where the pipes and instruments are connected with other parts. Or replace the gasket and packing. For air leakage, it can also be coated with oil lime as a temporary remedy.

2. Bearing deflection

This phenomenon causes the impeller to be installed obliquely in the pump body. For the single acting pump, its axial clearance is not uniform, when the blade is rotating, there must be some friction with the side cover, scratch the side cover and the end face of the impeller, so that the axial clearance increases. When the compressed cavity gas passes through the increased clearance, it leaks into the suction cavity in a large amount, reducing the vacuum degree or exhaust pressure. At this time, the bearing should be removed for repair, and then installed correctly.

3. The front and rear side covers are not concentric

It is possible that the front and rear side covers of the vacuum pump have different axiality, and the consequence is the same as that of the bearing deflection.

4. Heating of vacuum pump

When the temperature of vacuum pump increases, the saturated steam pressure will also increase, which will reduce the vacuum degree, but it has no effect on the exhaust pressure.

If this happens to the vacuum pump we use, we can compare the above analysis to see what causes this problem.


Vacuum pump air leakage

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