Vacuum pump for cannery exhaust and seal

Exhaust and seal

The exhaust sealing operation in canning process is an important process to guarantee the quality of canned food. This kind of exhaust and seal used to be a separate process, in recent years, with the vacuum can sealing machine brought by the vacuum exhaust, steam jet sealing machine brought by the steam jet and gas jet sealing machine brought by the gas jet, in the seal at the same time for more popular exhaust.

Disc vacuum pump is how exhaust and seal, let’s understand it together.

Rotary vane vacuum pump in the application of the vacuum exhaust. Cans in the process of production of exhaust gas seal operation of long-term preservation of canned food quality assurance is important working procedure. This exhaust and seal used to be a separate process, in recent years, with the rotary blade vacuum pump vacuum exhaust method, steam jet can sealing machine steam jet method and gas jet can sealing machine gas jet method, at the same time in the sealing more popular exhaust.

The basic difference between single stage rotary vane vacuum pumps and double stage rotary vane vacuum pumps is that their application range is different. It is not so much that the dual-stage rotary vane vacuum pump itself is capable of producing a low limiting pressure as that the effective fractionation in the dual-stage rotary vane vacuum pump makes it more suitable for working at low pressure (less than 1Torr).

The pollution from the decomposition of the oil will eventually appear in the oil at the atmospheric level, and its impact on the performance of the first level is not too great, which means that the oil can work satisfactorily for a considerable period of time between two oil changes. The use of gas ballast helps to purify the oil, and at the pump entrance, will only increase the air pressure of a few thousandths of Torr, while reducing the working noise. Even in the absence of town gas, double rotary vane vacuum pump noise level generally lower than the single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump. The hydraulic noise generated by the high oil flow rate at the atmospheric level does not exist at the high vacuum level. The low oil flow rate makes the two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump suitable for working under low pressure, but not suitable for continuous working under high pressure.

For large gas mass flow, when the oil in the high vacuum level oil storage tank is exhausted, in the face of strong airflow, the oil is unable to backsplash into the pump chamber. Therefore, when it is necessary to work continuously under high pressure (about l0Torr above), oil should be provided compulsively for lubrication. When the vane vacuum pump is lower than the saturated vapor pressure under the pump temperature, it can be filled into the gas discharge pump at any time, and prevent solidification in the pump oil. Moreover when sealed pump operation, has the condensable gases mixed with oil or condensate gas phase will dissolve in oil in the material, and in the pump chamber from the overflow, if the town of KaiQi task at this moment, can also take in addition to a certain amount of condensable matter, thus play a role in pollution, extending oil pump use period. Single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump lubrication system is based on the differential principle, it is in less than 500-600 torr under pressure, can work well. When the inlet pressure is high, gas regurgitation in the oil channel prevents the flow of oil, and only the mandatory supply of oil can work continuously at the pressure above 500Torr. When it is necessary to deal with large denser flow rate, a single stage rotary vane vacuum pump is usually considered to set up an oil and gas separator.

Vacuum pump for cannery exhaust and seal

Vacuum pump for cannery exhaust and seal

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