oil vacuum pump and oil free vacuum pump between difference

What is oil-free vacuum pump? What is an oil vacuum pump? What’s the difference between them is the performance under a simple analysis. Oil free vacuum pump, also known as dry vacuum pump, is the working cavity of the pump without any medium to recover the original gas. The oil vacuum pump, like the vane pump, relies on medium oil to work, and the same water ring pump works by water (then the water is polluted).

1、 Oil vacuum pump

oil vacuum pump

Oil vacuum pump is sealed, lubricated and cooled by oil. This type of vacuum pump can accept a little moisture, while oil-free vacuum pump is easy to expand and damage due to its blade material made of graphite. However, oil-free vacuum pump is relatively dry and can be used in some places with high environmental requirements.

2、 Oil free vacuum pump

oil free vacuum pump

Its working principle is the same as that of general positive displacement pump. It is composed of stator, rotor, rotating blade, cylinder block, motor and other main parts. The rotor with rotating blades is eccentrically installed in the stator cylinder. When the rotor rotates at high speed, the four radial sliding blades in the rotor slot divide the pump chamber into four working rooms. Due to the centrifugal force, the rotating blades are close to the cylinder wall, separating the stator inlet and outlet. The operation is repeated to change the volume and discharge the inhaled gas from the exhaust port, so as to achieve the purpose of air extraction.

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