Dust blower for woodworking

Is it better to use high pressure blower or medium pressure blower for dust collection in woodworking

In addition to large-scale wood processing plants and furniture factories, there are many woodworking enthusiasts, for which there is a large group.

Dust blower for woodworking

Although the personal specifications are large, but there are a lot of people, and they are all handmade. The materials are all good materials, and the finished products are very good. The most famous is the woodworking enthusiast forum, interested friends can go to have a look.

I also often go to the forum, found a lot of small partners, for the dust removal of sawdust, there are a lot of questions, do not know whether to use high-pressure blower or medium pressure blower, so special article summary.

Is it better to use high pressure blower or medium pressure blower for dust collection in woodworking

In the previous said that there have been differences between medium pressure blower and high pressure blower, we should first make clear the differences and working principle of the two blowers.

Well, after understanding, I’ll come back to the main topic. For personal use, there is a feature, that is, it’s not professional. I only make some furniture occasionally, so when I buy it, I can buy a one-piece cleaner on a certain treasure. The feature is that the price is convenient and the use is convenient. Generally, it is enough to use within 1000W,

If you want to save cost, you can buy a second-hand one nearby. The use effect is also very good. The wind volume is large, and the pipes need to be connected. This carpenter also has many users.

Finally, it is the high-pressure blower, which features compact structure, small floor area, high suction, relatively professional, but the price is relatively expensive. The general professional production plants and carving factories use this type, and there are a large number of people and woodworking users to use it. The dust absorption effect is very good, the suction is high, and the cleaning is relatively clean.

There are also many people, if conditions permit, have two sets, alternate use, according to different conditions use different blowers.

In the production process, you must be wearing a mask. Pay attention to protect yourself.

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