vacuum system for Vacuum chamber

The core of the vacuum system is the vacuum chamber, which is customized for specific applications. It includes applications and reliably isolates them from the outside or protects the environment from internal processes. No matter whether the drying process needs high vacuum or not, the plasma process needs to be carried out in medium vacuum or high vacuum environment, and the surface research also needs to be carried out in high vacuum environment: the vacuum chamber must always bear the pressure difference from the atmosphere mechanically.

Vacuum chamber is one of the basic devices widely used in modern manufacturing industry and scientific research, such as electronic industry, information industry, large-scale printed circuit, integrated circuit and large-area superconducting film preparation, etc. in the process of vacuum deposition, there are usually high requirements for vacuum degree. During vacuum deposition, the air leakage of the vacuum chamber, the air release of the wall of the vacuum chamber and the air release of the evaporated material itself may cause the rapid deterioration of the vacuum degree in the vacuum chamber, so corresponding measures should be taken to improve the vacuum degree in the vacuum chamber. At present, on the premise of ensuring the good sealing of vacuum chamber, titanium sublimation pump with large pumping speed can make the vacuum chamber reach ultra-high vacuum quickly. In the process of upgrading and deposition, titanium combines with active gas to form a stable compound, solid-phase TiO or tin, which can quickly remove the gas molecules in the vacuum chamber.

In the vacuum chamber, the metal particles with high activity and good stability are evaporated to form vapor particles, which are deposited on the surface of the metal plate to form a metal film. The metal particles and the formed fresh metal film can quickly absorb the gas molecules in the vacuum chamber, and further generate stable solid substances. In the vacuum chamber, a small amount of metal materials with high activity and good stability are evaporated into vapor particles by means of evaporation. The vapor particles react rapidly with water vapor, oxygen, hydrogen and other gases in the vacuum chamber to generate stable solid substances, so as to quickly improve the vacuum degree of the vacuum chamber. It is not only cheap but also quick and efficient to improve the vacuum degree of vacuum system for vacuum chamber.


By introducing a special vacuum system for vacuum system, in order to achieve the best configuration, the following points should be considered when selecting the vacuum system:

1. Determine the working vacuum range

The vacuum required for each process must be checked first. Since each process has its own vacuum range, it must be studied carefully.

2. Determine the limit vacuum

The limit vacuum degree of vacuum pump system is checked on the basis of determining the vacuum degree needed in the process, because the limit vacuum degree of the system determines the best working vacuum degree of the system. Generally, the limiting vacuum degree of the system is 20% lower than the working vacuum degree of the system, and 50% lower than the limiting vacuum degree of the previous stage.

3. vacuum degree

Check the time required to reach the required vacuum, the flow resistance and leakage of the vacuum pipe. Consider the rate of air extraction required to maintain the vacuum degree under certain process requirements after reaching the required vacuum degree.

4. Type and volume of air extraction

Check the type of pumping and the amount of pumping required to determine the process. Because if the type of gas pumped reacts with the liquid in the vacuum pump, the vacuum system will be contaminated. At the same time, it must be considered to determine the appropriate exhaust time and the amount of gas produced during pumping.

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