Vacuum gauges for semiconductor industry

Vacuum gauges commonly used in semiconductor industry of types

Common vacuum gauges in semiconductor industry include resistance vacuum gauge (Pirani vacuum gauge), thermocouple vacuum gauge, capacitance vacuum gauge, electric ion vacuum gauge, cold cathode ionization vacuum gauge and full range vacuum gauge, etc.

Among them, the cold cathode ionization vacuum gauge is divided into panning gauge, magnetron gauge and anti magnetron gauge.

The full range vacuum gauge is a combination of low vacuum gauge and high vacuum gauge; the resistance vacuum gauge has a wide range and is commonly used; the thermoelectric vacuum gauge has a narrow range and a simple structure, which is not easy to damage; the capacitance vacuum gauge is not affected by the type of gas; the ionization vacuum gauge belongs to the high vacuum gauge, which will generate heat; the cold cathode ionization vacuum gauge belongs to the high vacuum gauge, which does not generate heat and is easy to maintain; Automatic range switching of full range vacuum meter, easy to use.

Now most of the vacuum probe and signal processing circuit together, which can improve the anti-interference ability and promote its miniaturization.

Most probe heads are made of metal instead of glass, which makes them more compact.

The display controller of vacuum gauge also requires miniaturization. Some of them have a volume of 105mmx110mmx250mm, a mass of 1.3KG, with three connectors. Each connector can be connected with a resistance vacuum gauge or a cold cathode ionization vacuum gauge, etc. this intelligent vacuum gauge controller is easy to carry and use.


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Vacuum gauges for semiconductor industry  Vacuum gauges for semiconductor industry


Vacuum gauges for semiconductor industry


Vacuum gauges for semiconductor industry

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