Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump in Vacuum Sucker

What is the application of liquid ring vacuum pump in vacuum sucker? The manufacturer of EVP vacuum pump will analyze the application characteristics of liquid ring vacuum pump for you. The liquid ring vacuum pump maintains a high suction capacity in the whole suction pressure range, which shortens the time of suction when the vacuum disc starts and is easy to adapt to changes in operating conditions, such as when the pump starts/stops. Due to the inhalation of moist air, water vapor will condense in the pump, so the vacuum pump has considerable inhalation capacity, but the power consumption will not increase.

What is a vacuum sucker?

Vacuum chuck is one of the actuators of vacuum device. The sucker material is made of NBR and has great destructive power. Therefore, vacuum sucker liquid ring vacuum pump is widely used in various vacuum insulation equipment, such as construction and paper industry. In printing, glass and other industries, the task of maintaining and transporting light and thin items such as glass and paper has been achieved.

Vacuum chuck has a variety of sizes to choose from. The sucker made of rubber can be operated at high temperature. The sucker made of silicone rubber is very suitable for gripping rough surfaces; the polyurethane sucker is durable. In addition, in actual production, if the sucker is required to be oil-resistant, it can be thought of using materials such as polyurethane, nitrile rubber or vinyl polymer to make the sucker. Usually, in order to avoid scratching the product surface, it is better to choose the suction cup of bellows made of NBR or silicone rubber. The bellows are made of NBR and have large breaking force, so they are widely used. Various vacuum holding devices.

The working principle of vacuum suction cup is to connect vacuum suction cup through nozzle and vacuum equipment (such as vacuum generator, vacuum pump, etc.), then contact the objects to be lifted, such as glass, paper, etc., and start the vacuum pump, so as to produce suction cup. Negative pressure causes the lifted object to be sucked up and can start transporting the lifted object. When the object to be lifted is transported to the destination, it is inflated smoothly into the vacuum suction cup, and the vacuum suction cup changes from negative pressure to zero pressure or slightly positive pressure, and the vacuum suction cup is separated from the object to be lifted, thus completing the task of lifting and transporting heavy objects.


liquid ring vacuum pump performance advantages:

1. Vacuum in industry is as high as – 98 kpa.

2. Equipped with rubber cushion, the operation is more stable.

3. Low noise, noise control is about 55 decibels.

4. Small size and beautiful appearance.

5. Both are equipped with overload protectors and will not burn out due to overload.

liquid ring vacuum pump advantages:

1. High Precision Imported Production Equipment

2. Excellent Technology

3. High-quality products

4. After-sales Guarantee

Application Characteristics of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump in Vacuum Sucker:

First, reduce losses.

Second, it is easy to use. No matter what material the object is made of, as long as it can be sealed without leakage, it can be used. Electromagnetic suckers should not be used. They can only be used for steel. Do not inhale plates or objects of other materials.

Third, there is no pollution. Vacuum suction cups are particularly environmentally friendly, do not pollute the environment, do not produce light, heat or electromagnetic.

Fourth, don’t hurt the workpiece. Since the vacuum sucker is made of rubber material, no damage to the workpiece will be caused by adsorbing or reducing the workpiece. Hook hangers and wire hangers do not work. In some industries, the surface requirements of workpieces are particularly stringent, and they can only use vacuum suckers.

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