Vacuum system in a hydrochloric acid atmosphere

Vacuum system in hydrochloric acid gas environment of application

The application of the vacuum system in the environment of hydrochloric acid gas has created good vacuum production conditions for chemical enterprises, and the product quality has been recognized. In the chemical industry, hydrochloric acid has many important applications and plays a decisive role in the quality of products. Hydrochloric acid can be used for pickling steel and is also a chemical reagent needed for large-scale preparation of many inorganic and organic compounds, such as vinyl chloride, the precursor of PVC plastics. Hydrochloric acid also has many small-scale USES, such as for household cleaning, the production of gelatin and other food additives, scale removal agents, and leather processing.

In the hydrochloric acid gas environment, why choose the vacuum system?

The vacuum system is mainly used to avoid oil pollution of the medium and vacuum environments, such as some chemical, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries. If the enterprise using the equipment is a manufacturer of flame retardants, the vacuum environment required for its production needs a higher degree of cleanliness, and the extracted gas needs to be reused to avoid oil pollution. Therefore, the relevant technical personnel of our company recommends the enterprise to choose the vacuum system for production.

In the actual production environment, the vacuum system required by the staff of the enterprise is in contact with a large amount of hydrochloric acid gas, which is highly corrosive. Therefore, the anti-corrosion performance of the vacuum system is quite high. Therefore, puno, in the process of formation of vacuum system for vacuum coating on the special processing, the nanometer molybdenum nickel plating and double coating, and equipped with sealing pressure protection, stop cleaning and purging protection function, ensure the vacuum system in acid environment, still can effectively slow down the corrosion process, extend the service life of equipment, security equipment operation and efficiency.

Operating procedures in a hydrochloric acid gas environment

Use of hydrochloric acid should be accompanied by personal protective equipment. Such as rubber or PVC gloves, goggles, chemical-resistant clothing and shoes to reduce the risk of direct exposure to hydrochloric acid. Close operation, pay attention to ventilation. Operations as mechanized and automated as possible. Operators must be specially trained to strictly follow the operating procedures.

It is recommended that operators wear self-suction filter gas mask (full hood), rubber acid and alkali resistant clothing and rubber acid and alkali resistant gloves. Keep away from inflammables. Prevent vapor leakage into workplace air. Avoid contact with alkali, amine and alkali metals. Handle lightly to prevent damage to packaging and containers. Equipped with leakage emergency treatment equipment. An empty container may leave harmful residue.

The application of vacuum system in the environment of hydrochloric acid gas shows good working efficiency and corrosion resistance. Many customers in the process of vacuum system selection, often hope to be able to achieve overnight, a telephone can let the vacuum system manufacturers give specific products and prices. In fact, in addition to some of the most simple and direct single pump replacement, most of the vacuum applications need to go through several steps of the vacuum system design, involving more communication process and selection calculation. Each customer may have different application requirements for vacuum pump equipment, such as environmental conditions, vacuum demand, flow changes, the impact of medium characteristics on the vacuum pump, etc., need to consider the specific type of pump, and the corresponding configuration changes. Therefore, the initial vacuum system manufacturers should combine these practical factors to carry out preliminary vacuum pump selection calculation and determine the general framework of the vacuum system design.

Vacuum system in a hydrochloric acid atmosphere

Vacuum system in a hydrochloric acid atmosphere

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