Rotary vane vacuum pump in offshore heavy oil field

Rotary vane vacuum pump in offshore heavy oil fields of application

The vane vacuum pump oil production system USES the downhole submersible motor to drive the vane vacuum pump directly to bring the oil to the ground. It integrates the advantages of rodless oil production system, downhole motor drive and rotary plate vacuum pump, and is suitable for discharging thick liquid and solid-phase liquid, and the flow is even and stable. Compared with other mechanical production methods, the application of vane vacuum pump in offshore heavy oil fields has the following advantages:

Rotary vane vacuum pump in offshore heavy oil field

1. Suitable for the exploitation of fluid with high hertzability and solid phase, suitable for heavy oil Wells, sanding Wells, inclined Wells and horizontal Wells; No gas lock, suitable for high gas well.

2. The suction is continuous and stable, and does not generate pressure excitement in the oil layer.

3. Small ground space, simple daily management, especially suitable for offshore platform oil production; The displacement can be adjusted stepless on the control cabinet.

At present, vane vacuum pump is the main method of machine production in offshore oil fields, but there are many brands of vane vacuum pump. How to choose the right vane vacuum pump? Some vane vacuum pumps have the problem of low pump efficiency in heavy oil fields and cannot be used for ultra-heavy oil vane vacuum pumps.

In order to meet the requirements of large displacement and long life of offshore oil fields, it is recommended to use rotary vane vacuum pump in offshore heavy oil fields. In this way, the problem of mechanical production of moderate sand production Wells in offshore heavy oil fields can be solved, which has become the key to restrict the implementation of moderate sand production technology.

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