CL 4001 vacuum pump

The CL 4001 vacuum pump series has been optimized to provide better reliability and performance than the existing 4001 and CL models. The capacity of CL 4001 vacuum ranges from 400 to 3000ACFM (400 to 3000 m3/h), which is very suitable for applications such as chemical processing, papermaking, mining, geothermal power generation or the need for reliable compression of corrosive gases.

The CL vacuum pump and compressor series are upgrades to the CL4001 model, and are designed to provide higher performance and reliability.

CL 4001 vacuum pump reduces life cycle cost through improved variable port design, thus achieving a wider working range with higher efficiency, water saving technology and simpler sealing pipeline. It also has a patented gas removal function, providing excellent performance and life at high vacuum.

CL 4001 vacuum pump series is carefully designed to provide reliable operation and performance in harsh applications such as chemical processing, papermaking, mining, geothermal power generation or where reliable compression of corrosive gases is required. CL 4001 vacuum pump is made of 316L stainless steel. It has excellent corrosion resistance and can be equipped with various mechanical seals.


By manufacturing and exporting high quality vacuum pumps, Roots blowers and other services to our customers. In manufacturing these products, we use top materials and the latest technology. The characteristics of high strength, easy to use, anti-destructive and long service life put forward high requirements for product range. In addition, these products are also used in power, environment, medical, metal, mining, oil refining, printing, pulp and paper, textile, oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic, woodworking and packaging and other fields.

Due to our rich experience in this industry, our company is engaged in manufacturing and exporting vacuum pumps/liquid ring vacuum pumps. These vacuum pumps are manufactured from the highest quality materials, such as cast iron and steel, according to industrial standards, and are therefore widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical and processing industries. These vacuum pumps have different capacities and are strongly required by customers for their solid structure, impeccable finish and excellent performance. Customers can purchase CL 4001 vacuum pump from us at an incomparable price.

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