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Roots Vacuum Pump (Roots Pump) is a kind of rotary varactor vacuum pump. It evolved from Roots blower. According to the different working range of Roots vacuum pump, it can be divided into low vacuum Roots pump with direct air discharge, medium vacuum Roots pump (also known as mechanical booster pump) and high vacuum multi-stage Roots pump.

Roots Vacuum Pump characteristics :

1. There is a large pumping speed in a wide range of pressure.
2. Start fast and work immediately.
3. Insensitive to dust and water vapor contained in the exhausted gas;
4. The rotor is not smooth and there is no oil in the pump chamber.
5. Small vibration, good dynamic balancing condition of rotor, no exhaust valve;
6. Small driving power and small friction loss;
7. Compact structure and small space occupation;
8. Low cost of operation and maintenance.

Limit vacuum is one of the most important parameters of Roots vacuum pump. Its meaning is the maximum vacuum that can be achieved after a long period of operation when the inlet of the pump is tightly sealed. Because of the common pressure indication, it is also called limit pressure. From the characteristic curve, it can be seen that when Roots vacuum pump reaches the limit vacuum, the forward flow through the pump inlet is zero, that is, the actual pumping speed of the pump is zero. If working in series with the front vacuum, because of the continuity of air flow, the front pump also reaches the limit vacuum at the same time.

When Roots vacuum pump is used as a mechanical booster pump, its limit vacuum is related to the front-stage vacuum pump. Different front-stage pumps can obtain different limit vacuum. When the water ring vacuum pump is used as the front stage pump, the limit vacuum of the single stage Roots vacuum pump is about 1 Torr, the double stage Roots vacuum pump can reach 2*10-2 Torr. When the slide valve vacuum pump is used as the front stage pump, the limit vacuum of the single stage Roots vacuum pump is 5*10-4 Torr, and the double stage Roots vacuum pump can reach 1*10-5 Torr.

ZJ Roots Vacuum Pump

ZJ Roots Vacuum Pump

The limit vacuum of the wet Roots vacuum pump with direct air discharge is not high, generally about 60-40 Torr. The vacuum degree is related to the quality of the pump. However, this Roots vacuum pump is often used in rough vacuum pumping occasions, the required vacuum degree is much lower than the limit vacuum, so the limit vacuum of this pump is of little significance for use.

When testing the limit vacuum of Roots vacuum pump, according to the standard issued by the ministry, it is generally required to start for 10 to 20 minutes to achieve the limit vacuum. At the same time, it should be noted that the humidity of the pump should be kept normal. New roots vacuum pumps may take longer to reach the ultimate pressure, because there may be volatile cleaning fluid on the parts, or because the lubricant of the pump absorbs moisture and gas, it takes some time to fully volatilize. It is better to test two or three times for comparison.

EVP professional Roots vacuum pump manufacturer produces various kinds of vacuum products widely used in aviation, aerospace, atomic energy, military, electronic, chemical, metallurgical, textile, food, medicine, environmental protection and other high-tech fields.

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