Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump for Distillation Column

Distillation column

One,Composition and arrangement of distillation column system

Distillation column system is composed of simple distillation column, reboiler, condenser, reflux tank and other equipment. Generally, it is arranged as close to each other as possible according to the requirements of the specification in order of flow, to form an independent operating system. Similar equipment is arranged centrally, such as condenser on the three floors, reflux tank on the two floors, reboiler on the bottom of the distillation column, and pump on the first floor. This is not only neat, beautiful, and easy to operate. Due to the particularity of reboiler, its related equipment and pipeline should be carefully designed.

Two,Distillation column system operation

Through bottom reboiler heating liquid, make the partial gasification, the bottom reboiler into the mouth into the columns, counter-current two-phase contact with liquid drop, falling liquid easy volatile components (low boiling point) to move to steam, the steam in the difficult volatile components (high boiling point) to drop transfer in the liquid, steam more close to the top of the column, the higher the concentration of volatile compounds, and falling liquid more close to the bottom, it is difficult to volatilize set the specific provisions of enrichment, achieve the goal of component separation. Steam rising from the top of the column enters the condenser, and part of the condensed liquid returns to the top as reflux and the rest is sent out as distillate. Part of the liquid from the bottom of the column is fed into the reboiler to heat and return to the column, and the other part is produced as residual liquid in the kettle.

Three, heat siphon reboiler

1. Principle of heat siphon reboiler

The pressure difference between the liquid level of the distillation column and the liquid level of the reboiler is used as the power to drive the gravity circulation of the liquid in the reboiler so that the liquid at the bottom of the distillation column flows towards the reboiler. A portion of the liquid is vaporized in the reboiler and returned to the column to separate the vapor from the liquid. In order to ensure the normal operation of the reboiler, a certain pressure difference must be ensured to overcome the pressure drop in the pipeline and reboiler and the static pressure of the two phases.

2. Installation height requirements of thermal siphon reboiler

The liquid at the bottom of the distillation column flows into the pipe, and the upward pressure is lower. If the tube in which the liquid is rising is very high, the pressure will drop to such a degree that bubbles (composed of air or other constituent gases) will form in the tube. The height of siphon is determined by the formation of bubbles. Because the bubbles break apart the liquid, the force between the gas molecules at both ends of the bubble is reduced to zero, destroying the siphon. Thermal siphon reboiler should not be installed as low as possible.

3. Special requirements for vertical thermal siphon reboiler

If the vertical thermosiphon reboiler is operated in vacuum, it is not suitable for viscous liquids and materials with solids. The horizontal thermosiphon reboiler does not have high requirements on the liquid level and pressure drop in the column kettle and is more suitable for vacuum distillation. Distillation column is an efficient, energy-saving distillation column type, according to the design parameters can be designed in a variety of specifications, to meet the requirements of different production capacity.

Suitable for liquid ring vacuum pump in distillation column.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump for Distillation Column
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Distillation column liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturers

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