Vacuum Pump System for Vacuum Distillation Purification Equipment

Application Characteristics

In the technical field of raw material purification machinery and equipment, a vacuum pump system for distillation and purification equipment. In the process of chemical plant processing, the purification of raw materials or finished products is very important. The method of purification depends on different chemical raw materials. The method that must be selected is different. In one of the more critical stages, even distillation and purification. However, most of the currently selected distillation devices are all purified by one distillation. Such distillation and purification usually have a low purity of purification. If several distillations and purifications are necessary, practical operations must be carried out continuously, which wastes a lot of capital investment. Distillation and purification work has produced a very large coefficient of difficulty, so this kind of purification technology has shortcomings, for this matter, people must innovate the distillation and purification device.

Vacuum Pump System for Vacuum Distillation Purification Equipment

The professional technical team of vacuum high-tech highly recommends the application of vacuum pump system in distillation and purification equipment, which can deal with the above-mentioned problems.

Regarding the vacuum distillation purification process, if the vacuum pump and its vacuum pump system can be properly selected, it is very easy to perform all normal practical operations. Before the distillation and purification process, the ultimate vacuum of the vacuum pump system, the total air supply volume and flow rate of the vacuum pump system should be considered.

EVP company has many years of experience in the field of vacuum pumps, and the application industry of vacuum pumps is also relatively wide. Different vacuum pumps play different processes. Describe the characteristics of the vacuum pump system and the application effect of the vacuum pump system on the distillation and purification device.

Vacuum pump system:

It is composed of a vacuum pump, a vacuum gauge, a vacuum tank, an integrated control box and other components such as a vacuum gate valve, a cold trap, etc., relying on vacuum pipelines, and a vacuum device with the required vacuum effect. Its responsibility is to obtain a vacuum in a specific time and indoor space, maintain the vacuum, and ensure the execution of the whole process of a certain processing technology or the whole process of physics in the system software.

The characteristics of the vacuum pump system are:
1. Low noise and low vibration.
2. Evaporative cooling is very convenient and easy.
3. It still works well in high temperature natural environment.
4. Maintain a stable pumping rate under low vacuum working pressure.
5. Built-in filter and filter device to achieve the practical effect of high-width ratio filtering.
6. Built-in to avoid backflow of vacuum oil.
7. Simple structure, small size, saving indoor space.
8. Intelligent definition, which can cooperate with customers’ special equipment.
9. Very easy to maintain.

The expected effect of using the vacuum pump system on the distillation purification device is to reduce the temperature of the distillation and reduce the risk of the decomposition reaction of the product. The distillation time is normal, and the product quality is in compliance with the processing technology regulations. And based on the repurchase of the chemical raw materials that have been distilled again, the distillation will be carried out again to achieve the goal of rapid distillation and purification several times, so that the purity of the distillation and purification is high, and the degree of automation is high, which saves a lot of capital investment.

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