Vacuum pump capable of extracting oxygen-containing gas

Rotary vane vacuum pump for oxygen gas

Oxygen is one of the components of air, colorless, odorless and tasteless. Oxygen is heavier than air, and its density is 1.429g/l under standard condition (0 ℃ and atmospheric pressure is 101325pa). It can dissolve in water, but its solubility is very small. Oxygen can combine directly with many elements to form oxides. Oxygen is necessary for combustion, animal and plant respiration. Oxygen enriched air is used for medical treatment and high altitude flight. Pure oxygen is used for steel making, cutting and welding metals. Liquid oxygen is used as oxidant of rocket engine. Oxygen used in production is obtained by fractionation of liquid air. In the laboratory, oxygen is produced by heating and decomposing the oxygen containing salts (potassium chlorate, potassium permanganate, etc.). Next, the function and advantages of rotary vane vacuum pump in oxygen gas:

Vacuum pump in oxygen cylinder of function

As we all know, oxygen cylinder is a very special industry, which is dangerous to some extent. Before filling, there should be no impurities. Therefore, it is very necessary to vacuumize and refill the cylinder. Therefore, vacuum pump plays an important role in oxygen cylinder. Vacuum pump is mainly used to vacuumize the cylinder before filling, which can completely avoid oxygen Gas and combustible gas, or hydrogen and oxidizing gas mixed filling, fundamentally eliminate the security risks.

vacuum pump for oxygen cylinder vacuum pumping for advantages

Using the method of heating and vacuumizing can greatly improve the vacuum degree and water content index, so as to improve the vacuum degree of the prepared standard gas; by using the bus bar, more than 10 gas cylinders can be processed at the same time, greatly improving the production efficiency; by connecting the true air meter, the pretreatment process can be monitored at any time, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the pretreatment process.
Generally, rotary vane vacuum pump or water ring vacuum pump can be selected for oxygen cylinder vacuumizing, both of which are used by our customers, and the specific situation shall be determined according to the customer’s use environment.

Rotary vane vacuum pump

This series of vacuum pumps can be used alone or as the front pump of booster pump, diffusion pump, molecular pump and titanium pump. When equipped with gas ballast valve, it can pump a proper amount of condensable gas, wet air or gas water mixture gas, but the medium cannot contain granular solid substances. Additional devices shall be added when removing gases with high oxygen content, explosive, corrosive to ferrous metals and chemical reaction to vacuum oil.

Vacuum pump capable of extracting oxygen-containing gas

Vacuum pump capable of extracting oxygen-containing gas

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