Low Cost Vacuum Pump

There are many kinds of vacuum pumps. If you want to buy a low-cost vacuum pump, you need to know its principle before you buy it. Only by this way can you choose a low-cost vacuum pump better. Vacuum pump prices will also vary with price changes, specific quotations can be consulted manufacturers.

In order to meet various performance requirements of vacuum pumps, there are also many requirements in the selection of shell material, especially in some cases where the working medium environment is more harsh. What are the specific shell materials and what are the requirements?

There are many kinds of vacuum pump materials, such as metal alloys, ceramics, rubber plastics, glass quartz, carbon fibers and so on. The vacuum pump shell material is mainly two categories: metal and glass.


Metals as vacuum shell materials mainly include iron, copper, aluminum-based metals and various alloys, such as low-carbon steel, stainless steel, oxygen-free copper, copper, aluminum and aluminum coated, copper, nickel steel or iron. They have good mechanical strength and machinability. Various metal materials have different performance and outgassing rate according to different vacuum application characteristics. Specifically, the physical and mechanical properties of various metal alloys can be inquired.

Glass is mainly used in some glass vacuum systems (such as glass diffusion pumps, valves), observation windows and some regulatory shell, high-voltage electrode insulators, etc. It has the advantages of transparency, low price, easy processing, insulation and so on. The disadvantage is low strength and fragile. There are many kinds of glass. According to the difference of softening temperature and expansion coefficient, soft glass, hard glass and quartz glass can be distinguished, and their properties are different.

Whether metal or glass, vacuum pump shell material needs to have: a certain mechanical strength and stiffness, to ensure that atmospheric pressure can be withstood at room temperature and baking temperature, and no deformation; good air tightness, there are no defects such as porous structure, cracks and other leakage; low outgassing rate and permeation rate; The saturated vapor pressure at working temperature and baking temperature is low; the chemical stability is good, it is not easy to oxidize and corrode, and it does not correspond to the working medium in the system; the temperature stability is good, it can maintain its vacuum performance and mechanical properties in a certain temperature range; it is easy to process, has better welding performance and good economy.

There are many types of vacuum pumps, and their applications involve various fields. In order to save your precious time, if you have chosen the type of vacuum pump, we suggest that you contact us directly and give you an offer immediately; if your product application is not clear which type of vacuum pump to match, you need professional selection service, we recommend that you contact us directly by email.contact@evpvacuum.com

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