How to drain oil from water ring vacuum pump

As a kind of widely used and frequent mechanical equipment, oil and lubricating oil play an indispensable role in the operation of water ring vacuum pump, so it is very beneficial to know more about its fuel oil and lubricating oil.

Let’s learn about the oil discharge method of pump equipment.

Water ring vacuum pump can be used to pump various gases and corrosive gases without solid particles, and widely used in food, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and other fields. Here, let’s see how the oil discharge process of water ring vacuum pump works?

If you want to drain all the oil in the water ring vacuum pump box, loosen the drain plug at the lower part of the tank and drain the oil.

For the water ring vacuum pump, the liquid level must be no more than 30mm from the top of the tank to ensure the lubrication and cooling of the bearings in the water ring vacuum pump. When the working volume of Jack is too large, a separate fuel tank is required to ensure that the liquid level after oil discharge is not less than 100 mm to avoid oil absorption.

After the speed regulating water ring vacuum pump is operated for 500h, the oil shall be changed and the oil tank and oil filter shall be cleaned. The quality of the oil is tested by visual inspection and laboratory tests. When the quality of the oil drops, the oil should be changed in time. The oil tank and oil filter must be cleaned at the same time when changing oil. If there are metal chips or water in the oil, find the cause and correct the problem.


For a short period of time when the liquid level drops, the bearing is lubricated by oil splashing from the oil and plunger spring. The oil filter under the oil tank filter and pump is made of 230 mesh / inch copper wire mesh, and the oil filter mesh shall be cleaned frequently. In case of blockage, the oil temperature of the fuel tank shall not exceed 60 ° C during use, and appropriate measures shall be taken for cooling if necessary.

The above is the method of oil discharge of water ring vacuum pump. In the process of this work, the data requirements on the height of the oil level from the top plate of the oil tank, the height of the oil level after the oil is discharged, the oil temperature of the oil tank and other aspects cannot be ignored. We must follow the correct standard data for operation, and hope you can understand.

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